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2012-01: Simon Fairfield Public Library ADA Renovations
Date Document Description To From
12/18/19 email Draft Project Scope SubCommittee Justin Snook
04/30/19 Plan Library Addition Concept Plan Library Director Aaron Socrat
04/24/19 Memo Memo regarding Accessibility & New Restroom BFCC Library Director
06/28/17 Drawings Updated Renovation & Addition Drawings Library Director Durland Van Voorhis
06/28/17 Cost Estimate Accessibility Improvements Cost Estimate Library Director Durland Van Voorhis
06/01/17 Agreement Proposal for sketches for ADA grant application Library Director Durland Van Voorhis
01/09/17 Memo Response to Construction Work Memo BFCC Library Director
01/03/17 Memo Memo Regarding Library Construction Work Library Trustees BFCC
12/12/16 Plan Proposed Gravel Parking Lot Plan Library Trustees Town Engineer
10/26/15 Sketch Sketch Plan regarding proposed renovations Library Trustees Durland Van Voorhis
09/03/15 email Renovation Revamp email & sketch Town Engineer Library Director
08/19/15 Plan DRAFT Easement Plan for Parking egress Library Director Town Engineer
04/01/15 Cost Estimate Updated Cost Estimate BFCC Durland Van Voorhis
03/24/15 DRAFT Warrant Article DRAFT Warrant Article Public Board of Trustees
03/17/15 email Updated Cost Estimate Town Administrator Town Engineer
03/07/12 Report Design Development Report BFCC Durland Van Voorhis
02/15/12 Plans Final Design Development Drawings BFCC Durland Van Voorhis
12/07/11 Report Schematic Design Report BFCC Durland Van Voorhis
08/24/11 Agreement Agreement for Designer Services Durland Van Voorhis Town Administrator
08/09/11 Grant Info Misc. Grant Information Town Engineer Library Director
06/16/11 Memo Library ADA Project, Architect Recommendation Selectmen BFCC
12/09/10 email Legal Opinion regarding Going through the Designer Selection process for the Library Project. Building Facilities Construction Committee Town Counsel
11/01/10 Warrant Article 2 from the November 15, 2010 Fall Town Meeting. Public Town Meeting
10/07/10 Letter Proposed Scope of Work and Fee for Designer Services related to the Library ADA Renovation Project. Merritt D. Tetreault Robert D. Farley
03/15/10 Cost Estimate Renovation Cost Estimate Library Trustees Robert D. Farley
01/27/10 Transmittal Revised Cost Estimate for Handicap Alterations. Pete Tetreault Robert D. Farley
11/14/08 Letter Cost Estimate review. Town Engineer Durland Van Voorhis
12/07/07 Plans Proposed Handicapped Modifications, Simon Fairfield Public Library. Library Building Committee Robert D. Farley Associates
12/07/07 Minutes Library Program Public Library Trustees
12/07/07 Cost Estimate Cost Estimate - Additions & Alterations to Simon Fairfield Public Library. Library Building Committee Robert D. Farley
01/17/06 Memo History of the Simon Fairfield Public Library Board of Selectmen Library Director
01/01/01 Plan Certified Plot Plan by Andrews Survey of the Library Site showing boundaries and the building only. Town of Douglas Andrews Survey & Engineering, Inc.
10/01/00 Agreement Agreement between Town of Douglas & Architect Robert Farley. Robert Farley Town of Douglas
09/01/00 Memorandum Designer Selection Materials and RFQ Documents. Library Building Committee Town Administrator
08/22/00 Minutes Various Documents Public Selectmen
12/23/87 Plan Easement Plan of Properties near the Library Wayne Salo & Robert Josey Bouley Brothers