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2019-01: Municipal Center Gym Windows
Date Document Description To From
01/14/19 Proposal Revised Modern Proposal to replace Gym Windows & abate asbestos in Caulking Adam Furno Modern Architectural Glazing
12/31/18 Accounting Accounting Summary for Project BFCC Town Engineer
06/29/18 Sampling Report Asbestos & Lead-in-Paint Sampling Results for Gym Windows Matthew Wojcik 21Environmental, Inc.
05/07/18 Warrant Article STM Art 3 & ATM Art 11 funding for Gym Windows Replacement - $95,000 Public Town Meeting
01/10/18 Spreadsheet Summary of Budget Status BFCC Town Engineer
12/22/17 Proposal Modern Asbestos Testing Proposal - Gym Windows Adam Furno Modern Architectural Glazing
12/21/17 Proposal TRC Asbestos Survey Proposal - Gym Windows Town Engineer TRC
12/12/17 Spreadsheet Summary of GRLA proposal BFCC GRLA
12/11/17 Plan Sketch Plan Prepared to solicit interest / proposals GRLA Town Engineer
12/11/17 Photos Photos of Gym Windows Public Town Engineer
09/17/17 Proposal GRLA Proposal for Architectural Design of Gym Windows Town Engineer GRLA
05/01/17 Warrant Article Article 9 of the Annual Town meeting Warrant authorizes $10,000 for Municipal Center Gym Window replacement Engineering. Public Town Meeting
08/20/14 Proposal Modern Proposal for F&I Gym Windows Adam Furno Modern Architectural Glazing