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2019-03: Municipal Fire Alarm System
Date Document Description To From
12/31/18 Accounting Accounting Summary for Project Budget BFCC Town Engineer
12/12/18 Proposal Johnson Controls Proposal Town of Douglas Johnson Controls
03/15/18 Scoring Template Template for Scoring Bidders BFCC Town Engineer
03/15/18 Bidder Summary Summary of Potential Bidders for Fire Alarm design BFCC Town Engineer
02/01/18 Plan Floor Plan of Town Hall - ACAD Public Town Engineer
02/01/18 Bid Documents Project Bid Documents Public BFCC
01/30/18 Advertisement Worcester Telegram & Gazette Advertisement for Designer Services Public Town Engineer
01/23/18 Advertisement Central Register Ad for Designer Services Public Town Engineer
01/11/18 Schedule Estimated Schedule for Bidding and project Execution BFCC Town Engineer
01/11/18 RFQ RFQ for Designer Services Public BFCC
01/11/18 Agreement Form Agreement Form Template for Bidders Bidders Town Engineer
01/10/18 Budget Summary Spreadsheet of Budget Status BFCC Town Engineer
11/29/17 Proposal GGD REVISED proposal for Fire Alarm Design Adam Furno GGD
10/02/17 Proposal GGD Proposal for Fire Alarm System design Adam Furno GGD
05/01/17 Warrant Article 05/01/17: ATM Art. 9 Funding of Muni Center Fire Alarm System Upgrade - $71,000 Public Town Meeting
02/06/17 Proposal GRLA Proposal for Fire Alarm Design Town Engineer GRLA
02/11/16 Amendment Contract Amendment ASA2 rev1 for Fire Alarm Work BFCC GRLA
05/04/15 Warrant Article 05/04/15: ATM Art. 8 Funding of Municipal Center Fire Alarm System - $36,000 Public Town Meeting