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Welcome to the site of the Douglas Planning Board. We are an elected board of 7 people who meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. We spend most of our time dealing with subdivisions, either their planning, construction, or completion. Our goal is to make sure that the subdivisions built in our town meet the standards set forth in our regulations so that the new roads are safe and attractive for our citizens.

We are also a special permit granting authority and hold public hearings and approve special permits for things like earth removal or accessory apartments. Our goal is to strike a fair and reasonable balance between what we feel is the special character of our town and the ability people have to use their own property in a way beneficial to them.

Audet Builders proceed with paving Manzi Way in Shady Knolls Estates Subdivision.

We are also involved in zoning changes in the town, holding the public hearings that are necessary before a zoning change can appear on the floor of the town meeting. Our goal is to give citizens plenty of opportunity to give their opinion and observatioins on how the proposed bylaws may affect the way they can use their own property.

Our meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to attend them any time!

KTKM Realty Trust works on a drainage pond in Stone Gate Estates
  Generally, the role of the Planning Board is to guide the growth and development of the Town of Douglas by issuing permits to Applicants that have projects that are consistent with the Federal, State and Local Laws, Bylaws and Regulations while maintaining Public Health, Safety and general welfare for the residents of the Town.
One of the more significant functions of this board is reviewing and approving the subdivision of land. "Subdivisions" occur in many ways from "ANR" lots to Definitive Subdivisions. They are permitted under Subdivision Control Law (MGL Ch. 41 Sec 81K - 81GG) and are further regulated by our local zoning bylaws and our Subdivision Rules and Regulations.
The Planning Board also has the responsibility of issuing Special Permits in accordance with the State Zoning Act (MGL Ch. 40A) for projects requiring such as defined in the Town Zoning Bylaws. Some Special Permits that are issued by the Planning Board may include: Accessory Apartments, Assisted Living Facilities, Aquifer Protection, Common Driveways, Earth Removal, Flexible Developments, and Personal Wireless Service Facilities.
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