Cemetery Commission

The Cemetery Commission is responsible for selling plots in the Douglas Town cemeteries, making sure that the cemeteries are properly taken care of and keeping records of all that pertains to the applicable cemeteries; as stipulated by the General Laws regarding Cemeteries.

CURRENT COMMISSIONERS: Shirley Cooney (Chairperson), Debby Heinz and Betsy Youngsma

MEETINGS: The Douglas Cemetery Commission generally meets once a month.  The date as well as the agenda can be found  on the bulletin board in the Municipal Center as well as the town website. All are welcome to attend.


Douglas Center Cemetery, across from the Town Common, is the only Town cemetery with plots for sale.  (Evergreen Cemetery & St. Denis Cemetery are not under the jurisdiction of the Town of Douglas Cemetery Commission)

Persons can bury up to 8 cremations per plot

The Commission currently sells double plots (8x10) at the cost of $1,500.00/each (there is no price difference for just cremations). Payment can be made through the Funeral Director handling the arrangements (payment must be a separate check from funeral costs.  Deed of ownership will be mailed when payment is received) or you can send it to the Cemetery Commission, being sure to include an address to mail the deed to and a phone number. The mailing address, for sending payment/correspondence is: Douglas Cemetery Commission/ 29 Depot Street/ Douglas, MA  01516

Unless being handled through a funeral director, a plot cannot be opened without presenting the Commission with the deed to the plot or a court order.

If you are interested in purchasing a plot, contact John Furno by calling 508-479-0135 to set up an appointment to view available plots.

Douglas Center Cemetery does not hangle Green Burials at this time.


Lawn Mowing

Grub Control


Fertilizing as Needed

*Water is turned on in May and shut off in October


Proprietor has the right to cultivate and MAINTAIN shrubs (on sides of stone ONLY; height will not surpass 2" from top of headstone). If shrubs/plants are not maintained, the Cemetery Commission has the right to remove said shrubs/plants at their discretion.

Artificial or fresh cut flowers can be placed in an invertible metal vase at any time; but they must be discarded when dead, faded, broken or of a similar nature

Christmas arrangemets will be allowed from December 1st to December 31st ONLY

NO decorative ITEMS of any kind (this includes but not limited to balloons), except applicable holiday decorations are permitted at gravesite and will be removed by the Cemetery Commission.

ANY lights or decorations that the grave owner may put up for HOLIDAY decoration, must be removed within 30 days or the Cemetery Commission has the right to remove them. Lights of ANY kind are not permitted any other time.

NO fences, regardless of what type or material or metal stakes (for,but not limited to, hanging plants) are permitted at any time.



If you have any questions related to Douglas Center Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery or South Street Cemetery, please feel free to call, Monday – Friday, 9:00-5:00:

508-476-7558 (Shirley)

774-804-1373 (Debby)

508-476-2065 (Betsy)

Or send an email to: dougcemcom2015@gmail.com

If there is an emergency,  contact the funeral director handling the burial of the deceased.