Cable Committee

Charter Digital Transition 2014


Charter Cable - Scheduled Upgrade

Charter will be upgrading the three Douglas channels on Wednesday, January 21, 2015.  This is to improve signal quality of our Public (191), Government (192), and Education (194) channels.  This culminates several months of fiber upgrades, paid for entirely by Charter.  Viewers should anticipate channel outages of these three channels during the morning and early-afternoon hours on that date.  Other channels should not be affected.

If you have any questions, please contact the Douglas Cable office at 508-476-4000 x122, or

Starting October 7, 2014 Charter will be removing the analog format of every channel and switching to a high-quality digital signal.


All homes will require a set-top box or CableCard per TV, ordered by September 30 to avoid disruption of service.

To aquire a set-top box self-installation kit:  1-877-961-8517

If you already have a set-top box, you are already receiving Charter digital signal and will require no further action.

If your current cable plugs directly into your TV set, you will need to get a set-top box per TV.

Charter link for more info, with new channel lineup:

Turn to Channel 16 for a helpful video about this transition.

PEG Channel Changes:

Public Channel 11 will become 191

Government Channel 12 will become 192

Educational Channel 13 will become 194

UPDATE 10/2/14

Limited Basic Customer with NO equipment:  2 free boxes for 2 years

Limited Basic Customer with 1 box already;  1 free box for 2 years

Expanded Basic Customer:  2 free boxes for 1 year

Digital Customer:  1 free box for 1 year