Community Bulletin Board Postings

Once the request is approved by the Town Administrator, the posting will be scheduled to run for one week, Monday to Monday.  Governmental items take precedent over non-governmental items.  The fire department personnel post at their convenience, if the posting is not up by Tuesday, please notify Suzanne Kane at 508-476-4000 ext. 100.

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Please use the space below to lay out your notice. The first three rows are six inches tall. The fourth row is four inches tall. All information will be centered horizontally on the sign.

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* The town shall post the notice as close to the requested date as practicable.


Official Policy for the Community Bulletin Board

The Community Bulletin Board shall be prioritized and limited to the following list for postings:

1. Urgent Public Safety Information
2. Elections
3. Annual & Special Town Meetings
4. Other Governmental Postings
5. Other 'Non-Commercial' items of General Community Interest

The Executive Administrator shall be responsible for determining the relative priority of all notices submitted for the Community Bulletin Board based upon the priority ranking outlined in this policy. Any party aggrieved by the decision of the executive administrator may appeal that decision to the Board of Selectmen.