Town Clerk
Dog licenses are done on a calendar year basis.  If we have your dog(s) on file, we will attach the record to the back of your Census form that is mailed out every January. 
All dogs 6 months of age and older must be licensed.  Rabies certificates are REQUIRED at the time of licensing.  Neutering/spaying certificate must be provided in order to receive the lower rate.
All dogs must be licensed by March 1st of every year.  There is a $15.00 late fee per dog effective March 1st.  If your dog is still not licensed by April 1st, the late fee increases to $25.00 per dog.
You can license your dog(s) in the Town Clerk's Office or if you would like to license your dog by mail please send:  A current rabies certificate, neutering/spaying certificate and a check payable to the Town of Douglas.
Payments accepted:  Cash, Check or Bank Check
Male/Female $20.00
Neutered/Spayed $15.00
Hobby Kennel License:  4 - 8 Dogs $90.00
*Breeder Kennel License:  up to 10 dogs $120.00
*Commercial Kennel License:  $150.00 (Business/boarding, grooming, breeding)
*For a new Breeder or Commercial Kennel License ~ An application for a Special Permit MUST be made to the Zoning Board of Appeals before a license can be issued.