Board of Selectmen

License - Entertainment

As outlined under MGL c140(183a), no inholder, common victualler, keeper of a tavern or person owning, managing, or controlling any club, restaurant or other establishment holding a liquor or common victuallers license, and no person owning, managing or controlling any concert, dance, exhibition, cabaret or public show of any description to be conducted on any premises holding a liquor or common victuallers license, shall, as part of its usual business, offer to view, set up, set on foot, maintain or carry on a concert, dance, exhibition, cabaret or public show of any description, unless and until a license has been issued by the board of selectmen.

Licensing for Sunday Entertainment is outlined under MGL c136 and requires the approval of both the board of selectmen and the State of Massachusetts.

CLUBS: Clubs need an entertainment license when entertainment is open to all membership.  Private functions, those attneded by invitation only (baby shower, birthday party, etc.) do NOT require an entertainment license.  Clubs holding a Field Day event can purchase a ONE DAY license.


Fees - Not Sunday:

Per Event - $10.00/event

Yearly - $50.00

Fees - Sunday w/regular Entertainment License:

Daily/venue prior to 1:00 pm - $20.00 (Douglas), $5.00 (State)

Annually/venue prior to 1:00 pm - not set (Douglas), $100.00 (State)

Daily/venue after 1:00 pm - $20.00 (Douglas), $2.00 (State)

Annually/venue after 1:00 pm - not set (Douglas), $50.00 (State)

Applications Information:

New applicants, please print off the new application packet below.  Complete the application using the enclosed checklist and return all required items to the Selectmen’s Office.

Please note: All applications must be reviewed by other Boards / Committees / Departments.  The review process will take about two weeks.  Once reviewed; the application will be placed on the Board of Selectmen’s agenda.  The Board of Selectmen meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month so please plan accordingly.