Treasurer/Collector's Office

29 Depot Street
Douglas, MA 01516

(508) 476-4000 Ext 256-Treasurer's Office
(508)-476-4000 Ext 254- Collector's Office
Fax (508) 476-0097


Office Staff

Cheryl J Vaidya, Treasurer/Collector, CMMC/CMMT

Lois Briggs, Assistant Treasurer

Pamela A Carter, Assistant Collector, CMMC

Lisa Postma, Administrative Assistant


The Collector's Office is responsible for the billing and collection of all monies due to the Town of Douglas including: 

Real Estate & Personal Property Tax-Quarterly Billing
Whitin Reservoir Watershed District Tax-Annual Billing
Motor Vehicle & Boat Excise Tax
Collection of Water & Sewer Bills-Semi Annual Billing

The Treasurer's Office is responsible for the receipt of all Town monies and the timely payment of all expenditure and payroll warrants, the reconciliation and maintenance of all accounts.  All municipal funds are deposited and invested using the principles of Security, Liquidity, and Yield. 

The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for borrowing for capital projects as authorized by town meeting. The Treasurer is responsible for all Tax Title accounts.  The accounts are monitored and properties are foreclosed on when collection efforts are exhausted. 

All employee benefits are administered by the Treasurer’s Office. An annual benefits fair is held each January for all retirees of the Town and each May to assist current employees in their health care, life & disability insurance decisions.