BOS - August 16, 2005

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BOS - August 16, 2005

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Board of Selectmen
August 16, 2005

6:00 pm
• Accounting Update
• Informational Workshop

7:00 pm
1. Call to Order

2. Chairman’s Announcements

3. Citizen’s Forum

7:15 pm
4. Historical Commission Appointment

5. Town Use: Douglas Fun Run and Villas at Eagle View

7:30 pm
6. Sign Waiver – Dan Heney for Family Fun Run

7. Administrator’s Report

8. Old / New Business

9. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items:
Sept. 6th: 7:30 – Library Trustees (45 minutes)
Possible Revocation of Class II License

TBD: Audit w/School
Executive Session Minutes
TIP Policy
Building Inspector Appointment
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
August 16, 2005
Approved, September 6, 2005

Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm. In attendance: David Furno, Edward Therrien, Rich Preston (arrived at 6:30), Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane. Paula Brouillette was absent.

Other staff and citizens: Interim Town Accountant Michael Daley, T&G Reporter Steve Foskett, and Tribune Reporter Tom Mattson.

• Accounting Update:
Interim Town Accountant Michael Daley gave the Board an accounting update.

• Informational Workshop:
Michael Guzinski went over the following items:
• Possible Charter Change
• Full time Fire Fighter interview process
• Personnel Policies
• Jepherson Drive
• Lightening strike at Fire Department
• Draft Sign Bylaw
• Town Accountant Ad
• $2,000 Grant awarded to Fire Department
• Mass Highway – Pre Construction Meeting
• Class II business in compliance with bond
• Update from Mass Electric

The meeting was moved to the Resource Room.

1. Call to Order:
Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm. In attendance: David Furno, Edward Therrien, Rich Preston, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane. Paula Brouillette was absent.

Other staff and citizens: Fire Chief Donald Gonynor, Firefighter Abraham Rodas, Town Building Commissioner Adelle Reynolds, Debby Burns, T&G Reporter Steve Foskett, and Tribune Reporter Tom Mattson.

2. Chairman’s Announcements:
• Micro Burst in Douglas:• Shirley Mosczynski thanked the Fire Department, Police Department, Michael Guzinski, and everyone including some of the surrounding towns for the work they did during the micro bust two weekends ago. A good job was done by all.

3. Citizen’s Forum:
No citizens came forward. Shirley Mosczynski allowed Chief Gonynor to come forward prior to moving to item 4 on the agenda since there was no one for Citizen’s Forum.
• Full-Time Firefighter Appointment: • Chief Gonynor stated he is recommending an appointment for the vacancy of Full-Time Firefighter/EMT. They interviewed candidates last night and completed the interview process. They were all unanimous in their decision to appoint Abraham Rodas to the position of fulltime Firefighter/EMT. Abraham Rodas has been on the Department for about three years as a call Firefighter, he has gotten his accreditation for Firefighter I and II from the Massachusetts Fire Acadamy as well as he is nationally certified now. He is in the process of finishing up his intermediate I level. He asks that the Board go along with his recommendation and appoint Abraham Rodas as fulltime Firefighter/EMT for the Douglas Fire Department. Shirley Mosczynski asked the Chief to explain how many people were on the interviewing committee. Chief Gonynor stated that they originally had 12 resumes, he whittled that down to 6 that qualified, of the 6 they interviewed 5 last night one was a no show. The interview committee consisted of himself, Michael Guzinski, Deputy Chief John Furno, and Personnel Board Chair Christine Hall. They asked a series of questions, he feels it was a good process; they gained a lot of information about the candidates. They graded the candidates on a scale on certain skill levels and question levels. Mr. Rodas scored the highest. Again it was a unanimous decision. Rich Preston asked what this brings the Chief up to now as far as full time people. Chief Gonynor stated three full timers, four counting himself. His idea is to put someone on a 14 hour second shift which would probably start at 6 pm and go to 8 am. He would have sleeping privileges after a certain number of hours – he could go to bed in the Fire House. He is going to have to start looking at more and more full time positions – it’s getting harder and harder to get people to fill the weekends or shifts, even though they pay per diem they are not having luck with that and they are getting busier. As they get busier the revenues do build so they can hire more people. Rich Preston asked if he is still looking for volunteers. Chief Gonynor stated all the time but he stresses it’s not volunteer – if a firefighter comes on and he has qualifications he will be paid a provisional pay of $8 per hour. They can move their way up to a firefighter I and II certification. Once they get that they are around $12 an hour for every hour they are at a scene. He is not having the luck – they are going from a predominantly blue collar neighborhood to a white collar neighborhood – a lot of people are in that level of income that they don’t have the time to look at the fire department. A lot of times they get someone and they find it doesn’t work out because it is a big commitment. Douglas is not unusual; a lot of Towns are in the same boat. David Furno made a motion to appoint Abraham Rodas as a Full Time Firefighter/EMT for the Douglas Fire Department. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye.

4. Historical Commission Appointment:
In the agenda is an Application for Boards and Commissions, from Sean Aldrich of 8 Sunset Drive, dated July 27, 2005, for the Historical Commission; a letter to Suzanne Kane, from Sean Aldrich, dated July 28, 2005; a resume for Sean Aldrich; and an email to Suzanne Kane, from Historical Commission member David Kmetz, dated August 8, 2005. • Shirley Mosczynski read the letter from Sean Aldrich. Rich Preston made a motion to appoint Sean Aldrich to the Historical Commission. David Furno seconded the motion. All – aye. Rich Preston asked if he should qualify the motions with the number of years. Suzanne Kane stated he should. Rich Preston stated he believed the term was a three year term to which Suzanne Kane concurred. Rich Preston amended his motion adding, “for a term ending June 30, 2008”. David Furno seconded the motion. All – aye.

5. Town Use: Douglas Fun Run and Villas at Eagle View:
• Douglas Family Fun Run Road Race: In the agenda is an Application for Use of Town Property, from Douglas Family Fun Run Road Race, dated July 18, 2005, on September 25th starting at 10 am to use the streets of Douglas; and a map of the Family Fun Run course. • Shirley Mosczynski read the Application for Use of Town Property with Conditions/Restrictions from Fire Chief Gonynor and Police Chief Foley. Rich Preston made a motion to approve the Application for Use of Town Property by the Douglas Family Fun Run Road Race to use the streets of Douglas on September 25, 2005 starting at 10:00 am as presented. David Furno seconded the motion. All – aye.
• Villas at Eagle View: In the agenda is an Application for Use of Town Property, from Villas at Eagle View, to use the Resource Room for their Annual Meeting, on October 12, 2005 at 7:30 pm, dated August 9, 2005. • Shirley Mosczynski read the Application for Use of Town Property with Conditions/Restrictions from Fire Chief Gonynor and Police Chief Foley. Rich Preston made a motion to approve the Application for Use of Town Property by the Villas at Eagle View to use the Municipal Center Resource Room on October 12, 2005 at 7:30 pm as presented. David Furno seconded the motion. All – aye.

6. Sign Waiver – Dan Heney for Family Fun Run:
In the agenda is a Sign Application for Debbie Burns to have a sign on property owned by Dan Heney on the corner of North and Gilboa Street; a copy of Promotional Material for the Douglas Family Fun Run; a letter to Debbie Burns, from Adelle Reynolds, dated August 9, 2005, re: Sign Permit Application; and a copy of the site location. • Shirley Mosczynski read the Sign Application and stated that the temporary sign was denied because the proposed sign is 10.5 square feet larger than the bylaw allows. Debbie Burns stated she did not have the sign to show the Board because it is not ready yet. She stated she did get permission from Dan Heney to place the sign on his property. Adelle Reynolds stated the application was denied because of the sign; she does not have a problem with where it is going. She spoke to Debbie Burns about the location – they don’t want to put it where is will block the view for people coming off North Street. They talked about placing it half way up. Rich Preston stated he sees that the proceeds for the race are going to be used for a track. Debbie Burns stated that after last years race was paid for they had about $7,000 which she thought they could use to pay for designs but as luck would have it Mark Mungeam of Town has secured grad students from WPI to draw designs for free. The $7,000 wouldn’t have even covered the cost of the design – this will be their grad project this year. It will take many races to pay for a track doing it this way but she hopes to do some grant writing – she knows there is money out there. Shirley Mosczynski asked if the track will be at the School or the Martin Road Park. Debbie Burns stated she has plans to meet with Michael Guzinski about where would be the best place – it’s totally up to the Town. It’s something that would be good for everyone, not just school ages children but also the Senior Walking Club. Rich Preston made a motion to approve the sign waiver for Debbie Burns for a sign to be placed on Dan Heney’s land as presented. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. All – aye.
• Sign Bylaw recommended changes: Handed out prior to the meeting is a letter to the Board of Selectmen, from Adelle Reynolds, received August 16, 2005. • Adelle Reynolds stated that every time a denial comes up with a sign they talk about implementing changes to the Bylaw. The ones that seem to come up are for the banners and the sign for the High School. She read through the recommended changes stating that because other things are not coming up as issues she does not see them as problems at this point in time. Shirley Mosczynski stated that as far as business districts, she spoke with Michael Guzinski and gave him background that some members of the Board were working with Adelle Reynolds in regards to businesses outside of the area and they stopped it because they were hoping to have a Downtown Improvement going on, but unable to get grants that has not happen. She feels they need to look at that again and continue with it. Rich Preston asked if she was referring to the directional signs. Shirley Mosczynski concurred. Adelle Reynolds stated she thinks that could be implemented as a policy as apposed to a bylaw. They had talked about it – they had taken it to one of the Master Plan Implementation meetings when they were first doing the sign bylaws. The Committee decided to take the directional signs out of the bylaw because it would be too cumbersome. Rich Preston stated he remembers part of the genesis was that they wanted to get rid of signs on electric poles – they are not supposed to be there, they are unsightly. They wanted to give relief to those businesses by developing directional signs and Adelle Reynolds came in with some designs. But because of the Down Town Improvement they haven’t. He thinks it’s worthy of picking up and running with it once again – to both help in regards to aesthetics, the miss use of the telephone poles and also to support the businesses that would help in lending direction. Adelle Reynolds stated she will look at the recommended changes again – she and Michael Guzinski figured they could get them to Town Meeting in the fall. They don’t have to do a public hearing through the Planning Board because it’s a General Bylaw and not a Zoning Bylaw. Shirley Mosczynski directed Adelle Reynolds to go through it again and get back to Michael Guzinski so they can put it on the agenda and get it ready for Town Meeting. Consensus of the Board.

7. Administrators Report:
• Jepherson Drive: Michael Guzinski reported that he has received the documents from the Town Engineer – they now have all the documents necessary to sign off on the Acceptance of Deed. All the work has been completed, all the concerns addressed, and all legal work has been done. Just needs the signatures of the Board of Selectmen and then filed with the Registry of Deeds – once that is done it will become a town road. Michael Guzinski asked the Board to vote to approve signing the document and formally accept the deed and send it to be recorded with the registry of deeds. David Furno made a motion to approve signing the Acceptance of Deeds for Jepherson Drive and to forward it to be recorded with the registry of deeds as presented. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye.
• Fire Department Grant • Michael Guzinski read a letter from Chief Gonynor, dated August 10, 2005 informing the Board that the Fire Department was awarded a $2,000 Grant from the Department of Public Health for their participation in the Ambulance Task Force Mobilization Plan. Chief Gonynor has requested the money be placed in the FY06 Ambulance Budget to be used for additional medical supplies and training.
• Outages – Mass Electric Update: Michael Guzinski gave an overview from emails he received from Michael Peterson of Mass Electric.
• Email from August 10th 4:33 pm: Michael Peterson wrote that outages on Friday, August 5th were a result of the violent thunder storm and accompanying winds. At one point there were over 10,000 area customers without power, many in Douglas and Milford. The Weather Bureau has officially decided that a “micro burst” traveled through Douglas with winds of 60 to 80 mph. The biggest cause of outages were tree limbs and lightning strikes. At one point all three electric lines into Douglas were out. Crews were called into Douglas early Saturday morning but the devastation was so great that some customers were not restored until Saturday afternoon. Tree limbs continued to cause problems days after the storm. Sunday night a very large tree limb came down on wires near Cedar and Wallis Streets and customers were without power. A follow-up incident happened when a transformer failed and caught fire on JP Manning Way. The fire was extinguished by Mass Electric crews and the Douglas Fire Department and the transformer was replaced with a larger transformer.
• Email from August 14th 7:34 pm: Michael Peterson wrote that there was another outage in Douglas this afternoon. The customers affected were in the Yew Street area. The cause of the outage was an airbreak that failed and burned on Main Street. It looked like a vehicle backed into the switch and caused the problem. The outage lasted about 2.5 hours.
• Email from August 14th 8:03pm: Michael Peterson wrote that there was an outage in Douglas on Wednesday August 10th. It was also in the Wallis Street area. The outage was due to a failing fuse on pole 1. It seems that when the original outage occurred on the 7th , the same fuse had failed due to a tree limb on the wires, but it was replaced with a 65k size fuse because the lineman wanted to get the customers back on line and he did not have a 100k fuse on his truck. Shortly after that he was called to another location and never got back to Wallis Street. This situation has now been corrected and the correct fuse has been installed.
• Email from August 15th 8:56am: Michael Peterson wrote that the thunder and lightning storm that came through the area around 9:00 pm cause a lot of problems. The greater Blackstone Valley saw thousands of people without power and the Quincy/Brockton area saw 10’s of thousands without. This is the type of situation that kills a utility. At the time of the email there are 2653 customers without power, 74 in Douglas. The Quincy/Brockton area has 4,000 out. As the morning progressed they will get all customers restored but it will take time.
• Email from August 16th 8:35 am: Michael Peterson wrote that the Cedar Street and Wallis Road areas had problems again. Customers were restored by 10:00 pm the following night after some lengthy outage periods. Four transformers had to be replaced. They did not fail due to overload. They speculate they failed due to multiple lightning strikes. The lightning arrestors on each transformer tried to do their job but the multiple lightning strikes destroyed them and the transformers burned.
• Email from August 16th 10:02 am: Michael Peterson wrote that he would normally be sending an update of the work that MECo has accomplished in Town since their last report two weeks ago but unfortunately due to the storm Sunday they did not have a chance to put a report together. Therefore he would like to delay the report and hopes to get the information to the Board by the end of the week. Michael Guzinski stated that he has spoken to Michael Peterson on several other matters over the past few weeks. From his last conversation with him it does appear he will get the report to the Board the end of the week. If the Board desires he will ask him to come in and present it to them personally. The Board concurred. Shirley Mosczynski stated that she too has talked to Michael Peterson. She thanked him for a situation he intervened on that she and Michael Guzinski were made aware of. She has received calls from Wallis Street and Wallum Lake Road. It seems that people are continuing to loose some equipment – portable phones, light fixtures, garage door openers, microwaves, humidifiers, air ecologizers, one person on oxygen needed equipment and had to go to a relatives house. It is just ongoing. She received a call from a gentleman today stating that out of the last meeting Mass Electric was going to put a device to measure voltage on the street in front of his house. The devise malfunctioned, a work order was issued on July 15th to change the transformer but it was never changed and he has now lost a computer, he had a brown out that lasted 35 minutes, his refrigerator was barely running, he had to run around and unplug things because he was afraid he was going to loose them, and now his refrigerator is making weird noises. Hopefully Mass Electric can give them better information as to what is going on out there. She feels strongly that they need a meeting. People are telling her that their outages are not accruing during a storm but when it is a perfectly sunny day. They have given her days of August 5th, August 10th, August 12th, August 14th, August 15th, and on and on. Shirley Mosczynski asked Michael Guzinski to make contact with the Department of Telecommunications and Energy that people were sending their complaints too – see what the status of all the complaints is and are they doing an investigation and what is happening with the investigation if one is being done. The Board concurred. Rich Preston stated he agrees – the Board needs to have Mass Electric back in to see what their progress is, to make them aware of some of the problems if they are not already aware. It’s unfortunate because they had existing problems that were acerbated by the freakish weather Douglas has had. He would be interested to see where they are in terms of progress. He knows the arborists will be out doing their thing but they need to do more. Shirley Mosczynski agreed stating that if she remembers Mass Electric’s pie chart, 9% was trees and tree limbs. This problem is equipment or something isn’t performing writeright. It sounds like residents are getting surges which are ruining equipment. Rich Preston stated he wonders how much of the Towns would have been averted if utilities were underground.
• Municipal Agreement: Shirley Mosczynski asked Michael Guzinski to update the Board on the Municipal Agreement with Uxbridge. Michael Guzinski reported that for the past two months they have been waiting for the Town of Uxbridge to sign the agreement and get it back to them to sign. In order to do that Uxbridge first needs to sign an agreement with Motiva to square away aspects of the situation separately with Uxbridge. There have been some problems and delays with getting that agreement executed. He will be talking with Uxbridge Town Manager Alan Klepper tomorrow on other issues – he will talk to him about that also. Shirley Mosczynski stated she does not want DEP to say it is Douglas that is holding this up – maybe they need to make them aware where Douglas is. After he speaks to Alan Klepper he can bring it up to the Board again if there is a problem. Rich Preston asked if they were talking about this a year ago. Shirley Mosczynski answered yes – started talking in October. Michael Guzinski stated the process started this time last year. They originally had mentioned they wanted to do the construction last fall. They had said it was probably unlikely because there was a process they had to go through, through Town Meeting, the agreement needed to be negotiated and executed. Town Engineer William Cundiff has spoken to DEP a few times over the past several months to convey to them what is going on and why there is a hold up and explain it is not on our end and he will call them again if this does not look like it will get resolved in the next week or two. It’s a problem that is really out of our hands – it’s an issue with Motiva to address, and if they don’t DEP will have to address it with them. Shirley Mosczynski recalled that Motiva wanted the construction to start before everything was signed – they are not doing that. Rich Preston asked for a review of the issue – Motiva had an onsite septic system and chemicals were leeching into the ground. If they tied into a sewer system it would alleviate the problem which he stated was also a concern for Douglas because they are not far from our boarder. They have an aquifer with really good water that needs to be protected – it’s in their best interest to see that this is completed. Michael Guzinski stated that the Town has acted in good faith to resolve this as quickly as possible. They have been very cooperative with Uxbridge and Motiva to offer to provide water and work with them to make it happen. Rich Preston stated they are obviously in violation, they must still be using the onsite system, are there any penalties that are occurring – what is their incentive to move this thing along. Michael Guzinski stated that as far as their workings with DEP, DEP has been in contact with them and has given them several warnings. He can not answer why DEP has not been more aggressive with Motiva. Shirley Mosczynski stated she feels strongly that DEP knows it’s not Douglas. She asked Michael Guzinski to have more information for them at their next meeting.

8. Old / New Business:
• Brush: David Furno
asked if there is a place for the Highway Department to put brush – they had it before and they’ve discussed it before. Shirley Mosczynski stated she thought it was under the Board of Health. David Furno stated she probably thinks that because they had thought about putting it behind the Transfer Station. Michael Guzinski stated he was going to talk to William Cundiff about that but they have a Safety Committee Meeting coming up this week and he was going to bring it up then since some of the key players will be there to discuss it and maybe draw a plan to pursue that or at least get a place, they may need some approvals from DEP in order to get something going. If they get some plans in motion now they might be able to get something in place by next summer because they may need some funding to set it up. It would put additional strain on the Highway Department – they would have to look at the costs there and see if they have to apply some funds to help. He thinks they could probably do it with out substantial costs but need to look at and price out. He has discussed that site a little with the Town Engineer but was planning to bring it up again on Thursday. Shirley Mosczynski stated she has had people approach her who have very small yards and they have no place to put their yard waste – that could possibly be something else to be included. There is one other thing too that was discussed a long time ago – people have asked her about a collection area for paint cans or solvents. If they could have something on a specific day through the Board of Health – they do the tire day which gets a lot of participation. Either that or with the 4 Towns – she knows Northbridge does paint collection; maybe they could work something out with them. Michael Guzinski stated he will investigate – see if there is some way Douglas could pitch in with their program. In Blackstone they have a program with Millville and Mendon. He will discuss that also when they meet on Thursday.
• Cross Walks: Rich Preston stated he had asked a while back to have signs put downtown regarding crosswalks. Some Towns utilize them, they are usually small signs they put in the middle of the road. Douglas did have one – there was trouble having it stay in the road, cars were hitting it. His concern is that he is seeing more and more people standing on the side of the road waiting to cross. People in cars he feels are not obeying those laws and giving pedestrians the right of way. He would like to re-look at the idea of putting those signs out. A lot of communities do that. He thinks it puts the message out that the community takes the crosswalk law seriously – he would like to re-visit it and get the Police Chiefs take on the status of the situation.
• Future Agenda Items: Shirley Mosczynski
went over the future agenda items. There has been a request from the School to have a Town Meeting. She knows Michael Guzinski is working with the Interim Superintendent on it – need to take a hard look at it – when is their free cash anticipated and how they are going to do it. Michael Guzinski stated he will have a lot more information by the 6th.

9. Adjournment:
David Furno made a motion to adjourn at 8:05 pm. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye.

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