BOS - September 7, 2005 w/School Committee

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BOS - September 7, 2005 w/School Committee

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Joint Meeting
Board of Selectmen and School Committee
Meeting Minutes
September 7, 2005
New Douglas High School
Approved December 6, 2005

1. Call to order:
Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. In attendance: David Furno, Edward Therrien, Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston, Margaret Reed, Tom Navaroli, Shirley Downs, Leslie Breault, and Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski.

2. Suspension of Appointment Policy:
Gary Bolen’s letter of resignation from the School Committee dated August 11, 2005 was read aloud. Chairman Mosczynski read a letter regarding the sequence of events that lead to this meeting. At the request of Chairman Mosczynski the School Committee, on a motion by Tom Navaroli seconded by Shirley Downs, voted 4-0 in favor of suspending the policy on the appointment of individuals to fill vacant elected positions.

3. Interviews of Candidates:
Members of the Board of Selectmen and the School Committee asked questions of each candidate in turn. The order of the interviews was as follows:

1. Thomas Devlin of 417 Northeast Main Street
2. Larry Jeznach of 33 Douglas Hill Way
3. Nancy Norberg of 9 B Street
4. John Swallow of 28 Grove Street

4. Vote on Appointment to fill School Committee Vacancy:
At the conclusion of the interviews the Board of Selectmen and School Committee took a roll call vote with the results as follows:

Tom Navaroli - Nancy Norberg
Margaret Reed - Nancy Norberg
Shirley Downs - Thomas Devlin
Leslie Breault - Nancy Norberg
Rich Preston - Thomas Devlin
Paula Brouillette - Thomas Devlin
Shirley Mosczynski - Thomas Devlin
Dave Furno - Thomas Devlin
Edward Therrien - Nancy Norberg

Final result being 5 votes for Thomas Devlin, and 4 votes for Nancy Norberg.
Thomas Devlin was appointed as a member of the School Committee until the next annual town election.

5. Adjournment:
Paula Brouillete made a motion to adjourn the Board of Selectmen’s Meeting at 7:50 pm. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted;

Michael Guzinski
Executive Administrator
Suzanne Kane
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