BOS - January 4, 2005

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BOS - January 4, 2005

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Board of Selectmen
January 4, 2005

7:00 pm
1. Call to Order

2. Chairman’s Announcements

3. Citizen’s Forum

7:15 pm
4. Police Chief – Liquor Violations

7:30 pm
5. Recreation Committee – Status of Martin Road Project

7:45 pm
6. Douglas Axmen Soccer Club - update

8:00 pm
7. Open Warrant for STM – New Library Project

8. Town Use – Senior Center

9. Common Victualler’s License Renewal

10. Administrators Report

11. Old / New Business

12. Adjournment

Future Agenda Items:
Jan. 18th:
Cable Advisory Update
Common Vic. Renewals
AFLAC proposal
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
January 4, 2005
Approved February 1, 2005

1. Call to Order:
Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm. In attendance: Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston, David Furno, Edward Therrien, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.

Other staff and citizens: Police Chief Patrick Foley, Recreation Commission Chair Robert Saster, Recreation Commission members: Donald Gonynor, Joseph Valliere, John Furno, and Robert Doyon, Richard Pellon, Keith Hiser, Lisa Grenier, Francis Graham, Merritt Tetreault, T&G Reporter Steve Foskett, Tribune Reporter Tom Mattson, and other citizens.

2. Chairman’s Announcements:• Tsunami: Shirley Mosczynski asked for a moment of silence for the victims of Asia’s Tsunami. She also cautioned residents who wish to make donations to make sure the agency is reputable and legitimate.
• Lighting of the Common: Shirley Mosczynski thanked the Common Preservation Society’s President Merritt Tetreault and Committee member BettyAnn McCallum for all their work through the year and during the tree lighting at the Common. Shirley Mosczynski apologized for missing anyone’s name – she tries to acknowledge everyone.

3. Citizen’s Forum:
No citizens came forward.

4. Police Chief – Liquor Violations:
Handed out before the meeting is a letter to the Board of Selectmen, from Police Chief Foley, dated January 4, 2005, re: Liquor Law Violations. • Police Chief Patrick Foley came before the Board to report that the Police Department had done another alcohol compliance check. The first compliance check they did resulted in three violations. The one this past December also resulted in three violations. Two were second offences and one was a first time offence. After the first compliance check he had given each establishment a video entitled, “Stop Underage Drinking” put out by the Liquor Liability Joint Underwriting Association of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, Inc. He is trying to educate the establishments. All violators failed to ask for ID. Chief Foley stated that to criminally charge the violators would result in a $2,000 fine and up to one year in jail. Chief Foley gave his recommendations of giving Gregory’s and the Beagle Club up to a three day suspension of their liquor license and Bailey’s a one day suspension since it was their first offence. Chief Foley also asked the Board to set a policy for the establishments requiring them to check all ID’s – card everyone. Rich Preston asked if Chief Foley will be following up with the establishments to which Chief Foley answered yes. Chief Foley stated he will also be coming back to the Board with a proposal for training and education for the establishments. He stated a lot of communities are doing it – looking for certification of the employees. Rich Preston asked if there is a pre-requisite at the renewal level. Chief Foley stated Douglas Package is big on certification - that is what his proposal will be. Rich Preston stated the Board of Selectmen would help to institutionalize it. Shirley Mosczynski asked if at this time the Board should set up a hearing. Chief Foley stated yes – notify the three violators and hold a hearing. Michael Guzinski recommended February 1st for the hearing. Suzanne Kane will call ABCC to make sure there are no other requirements set by them.

5. Recreation Committee – Status of Martin Road Project:
Recreation Commission Chair Robert Saster, Recreation Commission members: Donald Gonynor, Joseph Valliere, John Furno, and Robert Doyon came before the Board. Handed out at the meeting is a packet entitled “Douglas Town Park ~ Preserving Our Past While Preparing for Our Future”. Shirley Mosczynski stated the Board asked the Recreation Commission to come in for an update on the Martin Road Park. Robert Saster referring to the handout; reported that the two baseball fields and the playground are complete. He stated the game plan has never changed – the financing has not been there. They have re-prioritized everything. The soccer field is their number one priority. Within the last two years they have grubbed and stumped the soccer fields at a cost of $38,000 and need to finish it. Robert Saster reported that the fill they remove from the soccer fields (approximately 250 yards) will be used for the access road to Franklin Street. Completing the soccer field and irrigating it will cost around $75,000. Robert Saster stated they couldn’t use the spoil from the Water / Sewer project due to conservation issues. He stated the access road is their 1-A priority – the park was designed with one way roads; in at Martin Road and out at Franklin Street. They also need signage. Robert Saster stated there are eleven urban economic development grants out there but they do not qualify for them – they are reimbursement grants and at only 50%. He stated they also require a $500 filing fee and there for will not apply for a grant until they have finished the work. Robert Saster stated the Recreation Commission has backed off during the financial hardship but they now need to bring it back to the Town – it’s time to bring it to the forefront. He stated the soccer field, irrigation for the soccer field and the access road are their number one priority’s. Robert Doyon stated the Recreation Commission put $38,000 into clearing the field – they are getting to the point where they will have to put another $38,000 to do it again. Robert Saster stated they need to work on this again or they will lose the park. They currently have 400 kids in basketball and 400 in baseball – the Town is growing and they need to do something. Soccer, irrigation and the access road are priorities. Chief Gonynor stated as far as the irrigation, it is in. It’s just a matter of looking into buying holding tanks and pressurized tanks – its cheap money and they can make it work. The material they take off the soccer field will be used to fill the access road. If they want grant money they have to work towards a security and maintenance program of the facilities – they can not keep relying on volunteers. This would need to be addressed by the Selectmen. Robert Saster stated they have looked into all the Grants available – they just do not qualify and they need to make Martin Road stabilized or they will look bad. Robert Saster stated some of the other items at Martin Road they would like is a walking track and picnic tables – it’s not a baseball / soccer park; it’s a park for everyone. Rich Preston thanked and commended the Commission for their work – they took 20 acres and set it aside for the recreation of the Town. The Town will come to appreciate it – they have done a lot with a little money. Rich Preston stated he would like to see movement for getting work done and asked if the soccer field can be done with out the access road. Robert Saster stated that what ever they take off the field will go as fill for the access road. Rich Preston asked what it would cost to do both. Robert Saster stated it would cost approximately $75,000 for the soccer field and $175,000 for the access road. Or $100,000 for the access road because of the material they put in from the soccer field. Robert Saster stated they need to get new estimates from Town Engineer William Cundiff for the access road. He stated there is a direct relationship with a Town that can be proactive and attracting business into the Town. Paula Brouillette recommended the Recreation Commission give Capital Plan a copy of their handout. She stated there will be a point when the school is built and they are ready to look at other items. Paula Brouillette stated she is behind this – it’s high on the priority list; now they can look at funding these. David Furno asked about permanent bathrooms. Robert Doyon stated that right now they use porta-johns – it would cost too much for septic right now. Robert Saster added that every time they do put a porta-john out they get destroyed. David Furno stated they need running water. Edward Therrien stated they have done a lot of work and he is 100% behind them. Shirley Mosczynski stated she hopes the school funding will be coming in from the State for ’06. Michael Guzinski stated they are still trying to get confirmation on whether it’s going to be an up front balloon payment or if they have to partially finance for a number of years. Shirley Mosczynski stated they do have money set aside – there is a stabilization fund. She stated they have been very patient. She asked if they have any plans for the access road. Robert Saster stated that will come from William Cundiff who did not know they had the spoil up there.

6. Douglas Axmen Soccer Club – update:
Douglas Axmen Soccer Club members Richard Pellon of 4 C Street, President, Keith Hiser of 16 Cook Street, Vice President, Lisa Grenier of 153 Main Street, Board of Registrars, and Francis Graham, Secretary came before the Board at the request of the Board during their December 21st meeting. The Douglas Axmen Soccer Club had given the Recreation Commission $11,000 to help construct two soccer fields at the Martin Road Park. They requested the return of the money because the fields had not been built. The Recreation Commission used some of that money and asked the Board of Selectmen to approve returning the remainder $9,200 (which was approved on December 21st). Richard Pellon reported that they have approximately 400 kids in the soccer program. Their main priority is fields in Town. They use the VFW field in the fall and spring with 6 to 8 teams playing on it plus 4 games on Saturday. He stated they need to find land for more fields. Mr. Pellon stated that the reason they asked for their money back was to re-do the VFW field. He stated they do not know what is available for land; there are conservation issues and their Board changes a lot so they do not have consistency in their information – they are here for ideas. Keith Hiser stated they have 400 kids in the spring and 400 kids in the fall. He understands that a lot of work has been done at Soldiers Field and Martin Rd, but he is frustrated with the lack of soccer fields. Lisa Grenier stated that each club has approximately 400 kids – their only field is the VFW and they have to share it with other Towns. She stated they are at the point where they want fields. They maintain the field and cut the grass – they are volunteers. She stated she feels it is embarrassing. Richard Pellon stated they use the school field in the spring and Soldiers Field in the fall. He stated the Recreation Commission maintains the fields in the summer when they hire summer help but they use the Axmen’s equipment which the Axmen pay maintenance on – there’s just not enough money to go around. He stated they lost the use of the Elementary School field. Edward Therrien asked why and Mr. Pellon stated soft ball is played there and they want to re-grow the field. Rich Preston stated they should have had this conversation a long time ago and asked what improvements are needed at the VFW field and do they have the funds. Keith Hiser stated they need to re-seed in front of the goals, they tried but they don’t have the time to let it grow. They thought about re-sodding but he is not sure if they can fund it, they have to look at the numbers. The money they get back from the Town will go into sod. Richard Pellon stated they just spent $1,000 last year for permanent benches - the year before they put nets behind each goal. It’s money they did have that could have gone into fields. Rich Preston asked if they were to put together a Soccer Master Plan – what would be the ideal fields. Richard Pellon stated 2 (two) small fields and 1 (one) large field would be ideal. He stated they would like to get off Soldiers Field – it is a baseball field and soccer ruins it. Paula Brouillette asked the Recreation Committee what was planned and what the time line is. Robert Saster stated that after the filed is complete they could not play on the fields for 18 months – they would not be ready until the fall of 2006. Paula Brouillette stated the most effective way to deal in the next 18 months is they should maximize what they have while they wait for the fields to be built and asked if they have asked the School Committee if they could maximize the fields that exist. Robert Doyon stated it was his impression that the field will be open at School in the fall once they remove trees. He stated he has talked to the School; once the High School moves the upper field should be used for the Jr. Varsity and the Town. He stated that once the High School moves to the new filed, the Town should be able to use it – they are tax payers and should be allowed to use them. Mr. Doyon stated he feels they are going to have problems getting fields for the Town because they don’t always get the cooperation they need. He stated that when there are fields that are not being used and are not allowed to be used by the Town it’s a problem. There is no reason to use them if they are maintained by the users. Shirley Mosczynski told the Board they should consider that when they sit with the School Committee and suggested it be put on the agenda. Robert Saster stated that all the different organization are working for the good of the kids. Robert Saster stated he would like the Soccer Organization to understand that they came here tonight with the priority to finish the fields at Martin Road – the more things that go into Martin Road, the more funds they can get and then more people will buy into it. He stated it’s not that they were dragging their feet – the money was not there. Shirley Mosczynski stated that what she is hearing is Martin Road is on – it would have been done sooner with funding. Shirley Mosczynski stated that there has not been money to go forward – hopefully they can focus on the Martin Road project. She stated the Axmen need to keep in close contact with the Recreation Commission and the School. She asked if it would be a perfect scenario if the fields and road were completed at Martin Road to which Mr. Pellon answered yes. Lisa Grenier stated she wanted something definite – is Martin Road going to be done, if not they need to look for land. Michael Guzinski stated there can be no guarantees until Town Meeting takes a vote. They have the support of the Executive Board – it has to go through a process. Once that happens the Recreation Commission can run with it. Michael Guzinski stated it looks positive for spring to have the money put through.

7. Open Warrant for STM – New Library Project:
Handed out before the meeting is a Special Town Meeting Warrant for February 7, 2005. • Michael Guzinski explained that this article is almost identical to the one put before the Town in October except for the amount was put in. He stated he checked with the Town Clerk and the Moderator and the date is ok with them. Merritt Tetreault came before the Board to give an update. He stated the Library Building Committee and Trustees feel they are running out of time and want to go to the Town and resolve the issue once and for all. Merritt Tetreault stated that if they took the Library just as it is they would have to put $1,049,200.00 to repair and remodel the building to bring it up to code. Merritt Tetreault referred to a spreadsheet entitled, “Estimated Cost to Repair & Remodel Existing Building” which is included in agenda. Some of the improvements include: 2 handicap toilets and janitorial closet, industrial boiler, underground electrical service, new fire alarm, etc. Repairs which would increase the electrical capacity, there would be less clutter, outlets would be out of reach of young children, etc. Merritt Tetreault stated they will be having an Open House January 22nd from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Senator Moore and Representative Kujawski will be there as well as light refreshments. Shirley Mosczynski asked Merritt Tetreault if he was asking for the STM date of February 7th to which Mr. Tetreault answered yes. Shirley Mosczynski asked if this is what both the Building Committee and the Library Trustees have agreed on. Merritt Tetreault stated they hold their meetings together and they all agreed. Shirley Mosczynski asked if he was going to discuss this with the Finance Committee. Mr. Tetreault stated they meet on the 10th and he hopes to be there. Mr. Tetreault stated Fiscal Advisor Clark Rowell looked at the impact to the Town in a memo to Town Treasurer Sharon Brotherton, dated December 30, 2004, re: Projected Debt Service for the Proposed Library Project and handed out prior to the meeting. In his memo Clark Rowell stated the Library project would increase the tax bill by approximately $83 per year for a home with an assessed valuation of $250,000. Rich Preston thanked Merritt Tetreault – he likes the design; form meets function and he would support this. Rich Preston stated that if funded the Town would be proud of it. Paula Brouillette asked if there was anything else going on the Warrant – the Capital Plan needs to be reviewed. She stated the plan was to get it updated for the next STM. Rich Preston asked if it was realistic to think they could do that in this time frame then asked Michael Guzinski when the Warrant had to be closed. Michael Guzinski stated they could hold a Workshop next Tuesday to close the Warrant. Paula Brouillette asked Mr. Guzinski where they are on the Capital Plan – from the standpoint of the Departments. Michael Guzinski stated they may not be ready. Rich Preston asked if it would be reasonable to insert a Warrant Article and then pass over it if it’s not ready. Michael Guzinski stated he could get feedback from the Department Heads within a week – he is not sure if that will work for Capital; they have to close by the 11th if they can. Consensus of the Board to close the Warrant on January 11th. Rich Preston made a motion to hold a Special Town Meeting on February 7, 2005 at 7:00 pm in the High School Auditorium. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye. Rich Preston made a motion to open the Warrant for a Special Town Meeting on February 7, 2005 at 7:00 pm in the High School Auditorium. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye. Shirley Mosczynski stated they will insert the articles at the meeting on January 11th.

8. Town Use – Senior Center:
In the agenda is an Application for Use of Town Property from Colleen Baker, to use the Senior Center on January 16th from 1:00 to 5:00 pm, dated December 21, 2004 and a letter to the Board of Selectmen, from Senior Center Director Alyssa Graveson, dated January 3, 2005. • Suzanne Kane reported that Town Facility Manager Rick Colonero will open the building and only requests that the facility be cleaned after use. Paula Brouillette approved the Application for Use of Town Property from Colleen Baker, to use the Senior Center on January 16th from 1:00 to 5:00 pm as presented. Edward Therrien seconded the motion. All –aye.

9. Common Victualler’s License Renewal:
In the agenda is an Application for Common Victuallers License for Harry’s Famous Pizza of Douglas, dated December 20, 2004; a Workers Compensation Certificate of Insurance for Theofanis Mariou d/b/a Harry’s Famous Pizza; a Worker’s Compensation Insurance Affidavit for Harry’s Famous Pizza; a REAP Form for Theofanis Mariou; and a check made out to the Town of Douglas, from Harry’s Famous Pizza of Douglas. Suzanne Kane reported that this application is complete and she wanted to remind the Board of Police Chief Foley’s request for Emergency Contact Information; including contact name and number, hours of operation, and if the facility is alarmed. Rich Preston made a motion to approve the Application for Common Victuallers License for Harry’s Famous Pizza of Douglas as presented with the condition that he provide Emergency Contact Information; including contact name and number, hours of operation, and if the facility is alarmed. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.

10. Administrators Report:

• North Street Bridge: Michael Guzinski reported that the Town of Littleton has surplus pedestrian bridges. He and William Cundiff will go look at them. He stated the Town would have to pick up the cost of putting the bridge in, the bridge is free. Paula Brouillette asked if the engineering part of putting the bridge in can be done by the Town Engineer. Michael Guzinski stated William Cundiff could do some of the work but they would have to contract out some. Rich Preston asked if they knew how much of a right-of-way there is. Michael Guzinski stated that is something they are looking at.
• Shrewsbury Snow Removal: Michael Guzinski passed out a Policy Statement entitled “Winter Maintenance on Unaccepted Subdivision Streets”, adopted January 3, 2005. Michael Guzinski reported that he received the enclosed Policy Statement from Shrewsbury outing the requirements of developers to acquire a Maintenance Bond. He stated it is something they are looking into. Michael Guzinski asked the Board to look at the Policy and give him feedback. He stated he sees aspects of this that they could use in the future and he will talk to the Town Engineer and the Highway Superintendent about them. Shirley Mosczynski asked if this would go along with the Road Acceptance Policy William Cundiff is already working on. Michael Guzinski answered yes – items could have an impact on the Road Acceptance Policy; mostly for future subdivisions. Shirley Mosczynski asked if the Planning Board received this. Michael Guzinski stated he just received it this morning they will get a copy and he will ask for feedback.
• Land RFP: Michael Guzinski reported that the RFP’s for the lots at 800 Northwest Main Street are available in the Selectmen’s Office. Individuals can bid on separate lots.
• Zoning Changes: Michael Guzinski reported that the Attorney General has approved the Zoning Changes voted at the last Annual Town Meeting. They have recommended some changes that will have to be made at the next Town Meeting.
• General Code Bylaws: Michael Guzinski stated the draft copy of the Bylaws from General Code have come in. General Code asks that they be reviewed and ok’ed. Then they will send out the rest. Shirley Mosczynski asked if the sub-committee should also look at them. Rich Preston stated there were no real changes made.
• Electrical Outages: Michael Guzinski reported that there was concern about the electrical outages. He has drafted a letter for the Board of Selectmen to sign for Senator Moore and Representative Kujawski. Shirley Mosczynski stated that on the same line she put in another call to Mass Electric’s Michael McCann because she had not gotten the report she asked for yet. She did receive a letter, dated January 3, 2005, re: 12-13-04 Outage / Feeder Reliability which she read. In the letter Mr. McCann reported Mass Electric is currently working on constructing a new mainline feeder on Hartford Ave which will be more reliable. Shirley Mosczynski stated that if there is another outage she will call again. Shirley Mosczynski also stated she will send a copy of the letter to the School Committee Chair.
• Meeting with BOH: Michael Guzinski reported that the Board of Health has several issues they would like to discuss with the Board of Selectmen and would like a date to meet. Shirley Mosczynski asked Mr. Guzinski if he thought the meeting would take several hours to which he answered yes. Shirley Mosczynski suggested he set the meeting up on an off Tuesday.

11. Old / New Business:
• Old:
• Meeting with School Committee: Shirley Mosczynski
reported that she spoke with the School Committee Chair and asked them to consider meeting with the Board of Selectmen on January 18th. Shirley Mosczynski asked if the Board wanted another letter sent to the School Committee. Paula Brouillette suggested leaving it up to Michael Guzinski – if he feels it should be in writing otherwise he can call. Consensus of the Board to have Michael Guzinski arrange a meeting with the School Committee.
• New:
• School Building Assistance: Paula Brouillette
stated they need a time line for understanding all the steps that they need to take to be ready to receive funds from the School Building Assistance program. She believes that can’t happen until the Audit is done. The request needs to come from the School Committee since the School Building Committee has been disbanded. Shirley Mosczynski asked if a letter wasn’t already sent. Michael Guzinski stated he can include that in his invitation letter. Rich Preston asked if there have been any changes to it on the State level. Michael Guzinski answered yes; stating he will be calling Senator Moore to find out what our status is. Shirley Mosczynski stated she is hearing a lump sum payment in ’06 or payments over time.
• New Kindergarten Playground: Shirley Mosczynski reported the Board received a proposal from “The Friends of Preschool & Kindergarten Center” (FOP&K). FOP&K is a non-profit organization who wishes to raise funds to construct a playground behind the Municipal Center. Shirley Mosczynski stated she feels the Board needs some kind of input from the School Department to see if they agree and bless the project. She suggested having Michael Guzinski include this in the letter to the School Committee. The Board concurred to have Michael Guzinski include the new Kindergarten playground in his letter to the School Committee.

12. Adjournment:
Rich Preston made a motion to adjourn at 9:03 pm. Paula Brouillette seconded the motion. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted,

Suzanne Kane
Administrative Assistant
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