BOS - May 16, 2005 - Prior to Town Meeting

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BOS - May 16, 2005 - Prior to Town Meeting

Postby Suzanne Kane » Thu Jul 28, 2005 2:41 pm

Board of Selectmen
Meeting Agenda
May 16, 2005
Prior to Town Meeting
Approved June 21, 2005

1. Call to order:

Madame Chairman Shirley Mosczynski called the meeting to order at 5:35 pm. In attendance: David Furno, Edward Therrien, Paula Brouillette, Rich Preston, Executive Administrator Michael Guzinski, and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane.

Other staff: Town Counsel Gregg Corbo and Town Accountant Rich Mathieu.

Shirley Mosczynski recommended the Board leave the meeting open until after the Annual Town Meeting. Michael Guzinski informed the Board that there was a flyer that was circulated to increase the Schools budget. Michael Guzinski handed out a packet containing potential cuts to Town service if the Town budget is cut; motion for Prop. 2 ½ Override, Finance Committee’s motion, Town of Douglas – Public School Annual Town Meeting Budget FY04-FY06, and Town of Douglas Schedule 19 Expenses. He went over the first sheet which shows the cuts on the Municipal side for the 1st year with out an override and if the Schools recommended budget passes. Michael Guzinski stated the second page is the motion making an increase to the School budget contingent upon a override. He stated Town Moderator Jerome Jussaume stated the motion should be made before the motion to approve the budget – contingent is critical. Michael Guzinski stated the third sheet is what changes the Finance Committee has to make and the last two pages are what is being handed out at the door. There was discussion about when to make the motion for the proposition 2 ½. Paula Brouillette made a motion to authorize Chairman Shirley Mosczynski to make a motion of any appropriation for the School Budget above the Finance Committee’s recommendation contingent upon the successful passage of a Proposition 2 ½ Override if a motion is made to increase the budget. Rich Preston seconded the motion. All – aye. The meeting was left open until the end of the Town Meeting.

2. Adjournment:
Rich Preston made a motion to adjourn at 10:48 pm. David Furno seconded the motion. All – aye.

Respectfully submitted;

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