Minutes December 4, 2018

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Minutes December 4, 2018

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
December 4, 2018
Trustee Meeting
Present: Danielle Morrow, Ellie Chesebrough, Barbara Van Reed, Kate Anderson, Betty Holden, Dawn
Fontaine, Daina Harvey, Ramona Williams, and Justin Snook.
Absent: none
A quorum being present the meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM
Minutes for the October 30th meeting were accepted unanimously.
Treasurer’s Report
Snook will email detailed expenditure reports both for the operating budget and the special accounts.
Director’s Report
• Circulation has increased from last year.
• Stroller fitness for moms and their young children where moms exercise and the children play
will start up soon on Monday and Thursday mornings.
• Yoga will be starting at the Library on Thursdays at 7 PM. Friends are funding this $50/session
program with hopes that a co-sponsor like a bank can provide supplemental funding.
• The Celtic Calligraphy workshop was filled to capacity (14). An Illuminated Bookmarks
workshop is scheduled for December 15.
• Knitting in the Loft has been added to Tuesday nights at 6:30 PM led by Betsy Youngsma. She
accepts anyone wanting to do a handicraft; she will teach or participants can just join the group
for ambiance.
• A special Christmas Storytime has been scheduled for December 19th at 10 AM.
• A Homeschoolers Summit has been scheduled for January 19th to using the loft as an
education/reference/lab/curriculum space. It was estimated that there are about 5
homeschooling families in Douglas.
• Snook is applying to be a notary for this service to be offered at the Library. It was asked if
Snook was the best person to provide the service, or if there was another staff who was at the
Library hours when the Municipal Center is not available for this service (e.g., Thursday nights
and Saturday). The Friends will pay the $60 application fee. He is also inquiring the Bureau of
Consular Affairs about the possibility of becoming a passport acceptance facility since the
service is no longer available at the post office.
• Memorial donations in honor of Michael Giancola stand at $490.00. This will be spent on his
wife's, Victoria, suggestion to purchase a genre of books he would have enjoyed.
• Weeding to make room in the loft as well as to pare down unused collections is ongoing. The
coffee machine is becoming popular with a younger age group. A laminator has been purchased.
Custodial services may be curtailed due to a medical leave; it was suggested that Snook contact
the powers that be in Town government to be assured that this needed service is not overlooked.
Old Business
Building/Capital Project
◦ Climate control/Green Communities Act: As way to make the Library more attractive for
accessibility grants, the Town decided to change the cooling and heating climate control to
electrical. The cost for this was $46,125 using Town appropriated funds. Solar panels cannot
be put on the roof of the Library. UA unit was placed in the loft so as not to mislead the
thermostat in the office which also does not have its own cooling unit. In addition, to
weatherize the building, soffits, windows, weather stripping and insulation foam will be
worked on. A Green Communities Act grant of $58,893 will be used
◦ Five Year Plan: Snook will provide a rough draft for the January meeting. He's planning
on applying for a LSTA grant for the homeschooling space and he'll need an accepted long-range
plan to do this.
◦ Projector: It will cost $144.50 for the mount, screen, and cable; the Library already has a
projector. This will be housed in the Carrick Room. A motion picture license will be
applied for if warranted using LIG/MEG funds.
◦ Door Counters: Two new door counters were purchased for $184.90, one for the basement
door and one for the main door. They are of a lesser quality than the old one on the main
door. They require AAA batteries. Counts will be recorded daily and linked to circulation
◦ Friends: The Friends purchased and hung two holiday wreaths for the main door.
New Business
Trustees: Long time life member Trustee, Ramona Williams, has submitted a letter of
resignation effective February 1, 2019.
Reading Badge: Fontaine asked if the Library could participate in an Eagle Scout reading
Kanopy: Snook will begin keeping statistics on the use of Kanopy.
The next meeting is scheduled for January 22, 2019 at 7:00 PM.
The meeting adjourned at 8:17 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Ellie Chesebrough, Secretary
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