Minutes April 23, 2019

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Minutes April 23, 2019

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
April 23, 2019
Trustee Meeting

Present: Kate Anderson, Ellie Chesebrough, Dawn Fontaine, Nick Socrat, Barbara VanReed, Daina Harvey, Betty Holden, and Justin Snook
Absent: Danielle Morrow

A quorum being present the meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM by Kate Anderson.

The meeting minutes for March 26th were accepted unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report
Snook provided a report on both the town appropriated funds as well as the special accounts. He explained that there has been an error in his assumption of the appropriated budget when he did not delete the pre-override appropriation of $2701 to cover utilities if the library was to close. It was voted at the Fall Special Town Meeting to transfer from the Library's budget this amount back to the town.

Director’s Report
Use of the Library's collections is up significantly, especially digitally. Compared to last year, far fewer items were sent to other libraries to fill holds and more items were borrowed from other libraries. A policy change had been made by Snook which reserved exclusively for Douglas patrons for six weeks rather than two. In March the Library hosted 25 programs with a total attendance of 202. The door counter recorded 4,835. As well as five monthly book clubs and Storytimes, Meal Planning 101 has been scheduled, weekly yoga happens, and Betsy Youngsma hosts crafting program Tuesday evenings.

Old Business
Building Projects:
The Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD) located in Boston started funding handicapped accessible projects several years ago. Snook has been in contact with them anticipating a grant application in the Fall. Since the Library has never had two separate bathrooms (Male and Female), we are not required to have two now. Snook will contact the Building Facilities Construction Committee to be put on their next agenda to determine required next steps from them.
Five Year Plan:
Snook was asked to add increased hours for the Library to be opened as well as to make the vision statement more inclusive.
Meeting Room Use:
Town Administrator Wojcik said that the Library Trustees may make their own policies for meeting use. Snook will draft a meeting room policy based on the Blackstone Valley Libraries suggestions.
Snook will send out more complete bylaws supplied by the Blackstone Valley Libraries.
The Friends has in coffers currently about $10,000. They will be voting Saturday, April 27 how much they will allot for the Library's use. Books need to be sorted to be ready for the May 25 plant and book sale.

New Business
STM/ATM May 6, 2019:
Morrow will read the STM motion to fund $9,800 for a security system for the Library.
2019 Budget:
Snook requested approving an expenditure from the LIG/MEG account, which would come from the State's award to the Douglas Library, $5,367.62 primarily for books/videos, and eBooks, as well as any office and other supplies as they come up. A motion was made, seconded, and passed by 5 votes with one abstention to use $2,500 from LIG/MEG grants to
augment the operating 2019 budget.
Blackstone Valley Library Directors:
The Blackstone Valley Library Directors met at the Douglas Library to discuss their wants and needs. They decided they wanted to meet more often and to bounce ideas off each other getting advice. They will continue their floating collections of large print and audio books. They agreed to no longer use Tixkeeper to book museum passes and some did not want to continue to let other library patrons to borrow the passes. Snook noted that both Uxbridge and Whitinsville will lend their passes to Douglas patrons, but the effort must be from the patron who would travel to those libraries to pick up the pass. Snook also noted that Douglas has the Mass State Park Pass, as well as a discount pass to Salem Witch Museum.
Library of Things:
Snook would like to spend 2020 material funds to create a Library of Things like a soil tester, telescope, metal detector, pedometer, tool kit, American Girl doll, thermal leak detector, and sewing machine, spending less than $75 per item. Chesebrough felt this might be a purchase the Friends would fund and she'd mention it at their upcoming annual meeting.
Snook would like to purchase from the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) a license for the Library to show movies at the Library. The cost is $150. Chesebrough suggested that this request be submitted to the Friends.
Douglas Orchards:
Nick Socrat announced Douglas Orchards' hosting a bonfire on May 24th with all donations going to the Library to be used as the Director sees would best benefit the operating services. He also has taken on grooming the lilacs and requested gallon containers to transplant some for the plant/book sale on May 25.

The next meeting is scheduled for May 28, 2019 at 7:00 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 9:11 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellie Chesebrough, Secretary
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