Minutes October 22, 2019

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Minutes October 22, 2019

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
October 22, 2019
Trustee Meeting

Present: Kate Anderson, Ellie Chesebrough, Dawn Fontaine, Betty Holden, Nick Socrat, and Justin Snook.
Absent: Danielle Morrow, Barbara VanReed, and Daina Harvey.

A quorum being present the meeting was called to order by Vice-Chair Anderson at 7:25 PM.

The meeting minutes for September 24th were accepted unanimously.

Finance Report
Snook thanked Chesebrough for her donation to the interest bearing building donation fund in honor of his life changes.
The annual disbursement for the Carrick Grant from the Greater Worcester Community Foundation came in at $825, over double what the Library got last year.

Current Account Status as of October 22, 2019
Opening Bal:
Current Bal:
Operational Appropriation: Opening Balance $62,636.00; Expenses: $21,178.90; Current Balance: $41,457.10
Personnel Appropriation: Opening Balance: $171,282.00; Expenses: $48,000.08; Current Balance: $123,281.92
TOTAL APPROPRIATION: Opening Balance: $233,918.00; Expenses: $69,178.98; Current Balance: $164,739.02

Building Donations: Opening Balance:$15,363.03; Income: $.10; Expense: $3961.81; Current Balance: $11,401.32
Building Donations w/Interest: Opening Balance: $1,710.91; Income: $100.00; Current Balance: $1,810.91
LIG/MEG Grant: Opening Balance: $12,029.68; no income; no expense; Current Balance: $12,029.68
Mone Historical Books: Opening Balance: $3,029.47; Expenses: $259.13; Current Balance: $2,770.34
Donations: Opening Balance: $50,706.18; Income: $34.15; Expenses: $69.59 Current Balance: $50,670.74
Revolving Account: Opening Balance: $1,617.97; Income: $309.27; Current Balance: $1,927.24
R S Douglas Nonexpendable: Opening Balance: $10,000.00; no income; no expenses; Current Balance: $10,000.00
R S Douglas Expendable: Opening Balance: $3,178.85; no income; no expenses; Current Balance: $3,178.85
Trust Fund: Opening Balance: $1,618.41; no income; no expenses; Current Balance: $1,618.41
Carrick Fund: Opening Balance: $27.34 Income: $825.00; Current Balance: $852.34
TOTAL SPECIAL ACCTS: Opening Balance: $99,281.84; Income: $1,268.52; Expenses: $4,290.53; Current Balance: $96,259.83
Director’s Report

September Circulation: 2018 2019
Books 1719 1825
Audio 106 108
Periodicals 104 134
Video 652 679
Other Physical Media 18 33
Digital Loans 478 719
PC/Wifi Clients 241 223
Total Usage 3318 3721

The door count for the month of September was 4,044.
Twenty programs were hosted with a total attendance of 178.
The Teen Advisory Board has had movie afternoons every Monday after school, and are averaging an attendance of 8. Now that the group is solidly off the ground, more postings will be made publicly to catch more attendees.

Old Business
Building Projects
The Trustee Building Sub-Committee is meeting with the Building/Facilities Construction Committee on October 24th. An update of the Sub-Committee will be made at the November Trustees meeting.

Snook applied for an $800 gift card to use for snacks, refreshments, coffee and such from Price Chopper/Market 32 using the Friends of the Library Organizational ID, the town’s still doesn’t validate.

Octoberfest went well raising more than $1200.

New Business
Hotwater heater/Furnace removal
The Library building is weatherized, and survived the second half of last winter without any problems with the hyperheat inverters. There is an oil furnance in the basement which is currently used to heat hot water. It was oversized for when it was used to heat the building. The issue that arises is whether or not a backup heating system is necessary. Town Administrator Wojcik feels that the Library must have a backup heat source for various reasons. The oil furnace will not work if there is a power outage. The furnace and radiators are a backup in case the the inverters fail, not in case of power outage. Furthermore the hyperheat system operates with three different compressors, so it is already redundant with itself as long as the power stays on. Snook asked other directors to comment on their redundancy systems, and the responses were:
Dudley: Electric HVAC, no backup. Building was designed with insulated pipes underground—none in walls.
Whately: Electric mini-splits and boiler. Used mini-splits for the last two years without needing a backup, but trustees decided boiler is more efficient for heat (I don’t know what kind of mini-splits they have)
Bolton: Propane heat. Backup generator used for fire suppression, emergency lights, and very minimal heating.
Easthampton: No backup heat.
West Boylston: Two boilers, due for an upgrade.
New Salem: Has mini-splits but has to augment with propane when it gets really cold.

Adam Furno, Facilities and Maintenance Manager reported to Snook that there haven’t been any problems as long as he has been in this position. He suggests adding a hot water tank to tie into the faucet pipes and leaving the boiler and components in place so that they can be used if an emergency arises. Chesebrough requested that Snook gather more factual information like costs and specific options.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 19th at 7:00 PM. The December meeting will be December 17th.

The meeting adjourned at 8:29 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellie Chesebrough, Secretary
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