Minutes April 23, 2013

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Minutes April 23, 2013

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
April 23, 2013
Trustee Meeting

Present: Joe Biagioni, Merritt Tetreault, Ellie Chesebrough, Barbara VanReed, Betty Holden, Ramona Lachapelle and Ann Carlsson.

Absent: Barbara Grimes-Smith and Danielle Morrow.

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM.

Minutes for the March 26th meeting were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report
A CD held at Unibank will mature in May, 2013 and needs a passbook to withdraw. Since the passbook is missing both Lachapelle and VanReed must sign a form that states that the passbook is missing.

Director’s Report
Goals Update:
• Website has been updated
• Attended Professional Meeting at CWMARS
• Attended budget meetings including department heads, selectmen, finance committee, as well as an override information session scheduled for tomorrow night
• Updated trustees about staffing

Library page Tina Soderman has resigned. Kaleena, a junior at Blackstone Valley Tech, has been hired as the new page.

CWMARS meeting:
On Friday, March 29th, Josh Tetreau and Carlsson went to a meeting at CWMARS concerning the Evergreen Circulation system. Executive Director Joan Kuklinski admitted that the program was never tested for quality assurance and that they were working with the company to iron out the difficulties. There will be a new version out by the end of the summer, which might take care of a few problems but they do not expect the major problems to be fixed until February, 2014. CWMARS is hopeful some libraries will work with Evergreen to figure out the major problems. The program continues to crash on a daily basis.

PRIDE and the override:
Jared who is working with PRIDE contacted Carlsson earlier this month to do an interview that supposedly was going to run on cable as well as at PRIDE meetings concerning the override and how budget cuts affected the library. Carlsson made it quite clear that she would not discuss the override. She did speak about the importance of certification for the library and how difficult maintaining that certification has become since the library’s book budget has remained stagnant year after year.

Spring Storytime has begun. The largest groups are Monday morning and Monday afternoon.
Mike Greenslit who had done the initial Home Brew Program has not contacted the library about final details for an in-depth home brew program. At this time further efforts to contact him for this program have been suspended.
A henna tattoo and a zentangle workshop is being planned and offered by one of our patrons who has done this with other libraries and schools. Zentangle is an art form used for fun, meditation, focus and relaxation.

Money Matters:
The new DVD carousel rack has arrived. With shipping, it should be under $1000 but the final invoice has not arrived.

Friends continue to send in membership forms. Blank forms are also now located at the front desk.

Old Business
Building Renovation
• Right of way/easement
Town Engineer Bill Cundiff has not yet responded to Biagioni’s request for finalizing the legal requirements for a right of way/easement. It was explained that it is not a priority, not on their agenda and that a lawyer needs to look into finalizing this. Trustees encouraged Biagioni to give Cundiff a deadline in which to accomplish this.
• Fundraising
Paula Brouillette did stop by the meeting and was asked to attend the May Trustees Meeting to discuss possible funding scenarios for the Library renovation project. She agreed to come.
• Other
Biagioni asked Trustees to think about the best approach to relationship with the BFCC for the next meeting. He will also approach Town Administration Guzinski about how best to approach the Selectmen with the Trustees’ concern with the BFCC.
Tetreault reported that Highway will deliver the sign from Granutec to the Library in a day or two. The side panels will be installed later. When all is completed a dedication needs to be planned.

Carlsson will try to put the Friends brochure on the website.

Carlsson will ask Ricky Colonero for a quote to repair the library’s front steps.

New Business
Library Director Review
Chesebrough will email goals that had been set for the Library Director last Fall. At its May meeting Trustees will discuss the review.

The next meeting is scheduled for May 28th.

The meeting adjourned at 8:17 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellie Chesebrough
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