Minutes April 22, 2014

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Minutes April 22, 2014

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
April 22, 2014
Trustee Meeting

Present: Joe Biagioni, Merritt Tetreault, Barbara Grimes-Smith, Ramona Lachapelle, Ellie Chesebrough, Barbara VanReed, Betty Holden and Ann Carlsson.
Absent: Danielle Morrow.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM.

Minutes for the March 25, 2014 were accepted.

There was no Treasurer’s Report.

Director’s Report
A new page has been hired, Melissa Landry.

Patty Morey at Book Sizzle has been helping to develop a newsletter using the Book Sizzle tool. A webinar will serve as an introduction to Book Sizzle and Ms. Morey will provide additional assistance in how best to produce an e-newsletter using their product. There will be a “Subscribe to Library Newsletter” button on the main front page of the Website.

Town Engineer Cundiff has provided a MS Publisher template to use to make signs for display. The library will pay for ink and paper. More specifics about costs will come as more prints are made.

The first Tween Program on Historical Swords has been scheduled for October. A robotics program for tweens is being planned sometime in January or February. Mitch Cohen has been contacted to borrow an LCD projector required for the robotics program.

At the Finance Committee public hearing on the budget the town administrator recommended the following for the library:
Wages: $158,988
Expenses: $50,000
Although the expense amount was lower than the original request of $54,779, which included the actual library materials required expenditure by the State Board of Library Commissioners, it was more than a level funded amount of $48,397. The recommendation to gradually increase the book budget level was accepted.

Town Engineer Cundiff explained that the problem with the library’s request for a right of way through Petraglia’s property is hampered because the boundary between the Webster Credit Union and Petraglia’s property does not close; there is a gap. An easement cannot be given if the property lines do not close. A surveyor can resolve this issue.

Old Business
Building Renovation
Carlsson will draft a letter to Petraglia and the Webster Credit Union to inform them of the issue.

Biagioni asked the Board if they felt a Fall debt exclusion vote and a Special Town Meeting vote for the library renovations should be pursued. He will meet with Town Administrator Guzinski for guidance and support.
Tetreault asked when the old sign would be removed. Biagioni will take care of this soon. Carlsson is still working on getting magnetic letters for the sign.
Carlsson reviewed the goals for CY 2014 and felt they were doable and fair.
Chesebrough reported that there are now over 70 Friends with more than $1500 in membership dues raised.

New Business
Tetreault discussed the issue of making renovations to the library as money becomes available, rather than getting the whole project done at once. He mentioned the donation offered last Fall by Dr. Jeffrey and how Tetreault and his wife were willing to match the $50,000 gift for the elevator portion of the renovation. Without the support of the Trustees and because of the passing of Dr. Jeffrey, this offer fell through.

The Board voted to enter into an executive session to discuss an incident with an employee and to reenter into regular session to adjourn. The roll call vote was Biagioni yes, Chesebrough yes, Grimes-Smith yes, Holden yes, Tetreault yes, Lachapelle yes, VanReed yes.

The next meeting will be May 27, 2014.

The meeting adjourned at 9:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellie Chesebrough, Secretary
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