Minutes December 2, 2014

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Minutes December 2, 2014

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
December 2, 2014
Trustee Meeting

Present: Joe Biagioni, Ellie Chesebrough, Danielle Morrow, Barbara VanReed and Ramona Lachapelle
Absent: Betty Holden Karen Boyle, Merritt Tetreault and Ann Carlsson

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 PM.

Minutes for the October 28, 2014 meeting were accepted with an abstention from VanReed.

Treasurer’s Report
There was no Treasurer’s report.

Director’s Report

Mike Guzinski has scheduled the board to meet with the selectman on Jan.6. No time was given as yet.

No word yet from Webster CU concerning the deed problems with Petraglia.

The only bidder for the step work needs to be voted on at this meeting to provide for an increased budget. Work will not begin until the Spring when the weather will allow proper drying.

Sokols donated $300 as a thank you for the use of the Library’s lawn at Octoberfest. It was deposited into the Donations Account

Winter Storytime will begin on January 5th.
On Jan. 15 at 3:30 p.m the Library will host a program for tweens called “Robots on the Run”
This 2 hour workshop aims to explain basic circuits and instructions on how to build a simple robot. Tweens will learn programmable electronics and instructions for making lights blink, motors run, sounds and a lot more. Tweens will learn about interactive software so they can create their own sample robot.

Trustees provided the following comments:
• The circulation statistics seemed substantially down.
• If the “Robots on the Run” program is being funded by the Octoberfest grant, it needs to be mentioned in all the publicity and news releases.
• Calendar view is not available on the website for the Calendar of Events
• The e-newsletter has only one edition and that was in August. There is no link to sign-up for it on the website. It was suggested that the web-site developer, C/W MARS, or a library like Southbridge who is currently providing an e-newsletter might help Carlsson in getting this goal fulfilled.
• Facebook updates have been sporatic.

Old Business
Building Renovation
Strategy for the January 6th meeting with Selectmen will be dicussed at the December 30th meeting.

It was moved and seconded to raise the allocation for repairing the front stairs to $6,300 and hire Build-a-Max from Dudley to repair the front steps in the Spring. Vote was unanimous. Biagioni will speak with Adam Furno about this as well as the soffit concerns.
Personnel Overages update
Chesebrough summarized the wage overages for the Library hourly employees. Although the overage is still increasing, it is going up at a slower rate. Discussion included:
• it is important to stay within the budget
• why are the hourly wages not consistent for each pay period
• if more staff are needed, a request should be included in the budget.

Long Range Plan and 2014 goals
In reviewing the Long-range plan and discussing the 2014 goals it was felt that Carlsson needs to provide the Trustees with a list of Adult programs and a list of Tween programs held in calendar year 2014 with a commentary of what worked and what did not work.

It was also felt that sharing with area libraries would be a good goal. For instance, Whitinsville Social Library is hosting a local authors program. Supporting this by promoting it to Douglas Library users is appropriate.

Morrow mentioned the Coordinated Family and Community Engagement Grant as a resource for grants for children.

It was suggested that doing a survey of adult programs in area libraries would be helpful. VanReed mentioned the lending of cake pans at the Charlton Library.

It was felt that the Long Range goals were confusing in how they were arranged. It was not consistent or clear of what is a goal, an objective or an activity, How were these goals supporting the Library’s mission statement.

Chesebrough will draft a list of goals for calendar year 2015.

New Business

The next meeting will be December 30, 2014.

The meeting adjourned at 8:56 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Ellie Chesebrough, Secretary
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