Minutes June 23,2015

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Minutes June 23,2015

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
June 23, 2015
Trustee Meeting

Present: Joe Biagioni, Ramona Lachapelle, Danielle Morrow, Ellie Chesebrough, Betty Holden, Barbara VanReed, Kate Anderson and Justin Snook
Absent: Karen Boyle

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM.

The minutes for May 26, 2015 were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

Director’s Report
Snook has settled in well, achieving much. Included in his achievements are incorporating the library’s invoices into the town’s Access database, resolving the free cash issue from printing and fines into a managed procedure, establishing a teen advisory group, reaching out to the school librarian and principals as well as the senior center, updating cataloging templates and establishing a workflow for ordering and processing, and evaluating and pursuing computer software and hardware. In addition he has assessed the collection, weeded materials, and turned the mezzanine into a teen area. The summer reading program will run from July 8 through August 12 and has an online registration form as well as providing registration at the library. He has booked author Clementine Bihiga for July 25 when also the Friends will be having a re-cycle book sale in concert with the Farmer’s Market recycle day.

Old Business
• Building renovation. Biagioni presented an updated quote from VanHoorhis for the library renovation estimated at $2.371 million. He felt that in order to present this at the Fall town meeting it must be sold to the Selectmen and town committees in September. He will ask this issue to be put on a Selectmen’s agenda. It was felt that the Trustees should be ready to discuss how they will approach this issue at the July meeting.
• Front steps. The steps have been repaired and the painting and walkway will be done in July. Highway will also run a pipe under the walk for future wiring to light the sign. There was a question of why the invoice was dated October, 2015.

New Business
• Chimney repair. Build-Max, Inc. provided an estimate of $6,500 to repair the chimney. It was moved, seconded and passed unanimously to fund the chimney repair using LIG/MEG funds not to exceed $6,500.
• Air conditioning. Aalanco Service Corporation provided an estimate of $4,976 to repair the air conditioning in the adult reading room. It was moved, seconded and passed unanimously to fund the air conditioning repair using LIG/MEG funds not to exceed $4,976.
• Friends. Biagioni asked for a monthly report from the Friends. Chesebrough reported that the Farmer’s Market had requested that the Library consider having a book sale occasionally during their Saturday sales. Morrow will investigate further.

The next meeting is scheduled for July 28th.

The meeting adjourned at 8:49 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellie Chesebrough, Secretary
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