Minutes July 25, 2017

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Minutes July 25, 2017

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
July 25, 2017
Trustee Meeting

Present: Joe Biagioni, Ellie Chesebrough, Kate Anderson, Betty Holden, Kevin Sughrue, and Justin Snook.
Absent: Ramona Lachapelle, Danielle Morrow, and Barbara Van Reed.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM

The minutes for June 27, 2017 were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report For its 2017 operating budget voted by the Town, the Library returned $1.14 from its expense and $380.50 from its personnel budgets.

Director’s Report
• The Lego Engineering and the Minecraft Madness programs each had over 50 attendees.
• Storytime is ongoing until August 15th. Other events for the Summer Reading Program include Mark Binder’s Stories to Build a Better World (using grant funds from the Cultural Council and the Friends), crafts and games, Puppet Show with Sparky Davis and a picnic finale. In addition a summer passport program with other area libraries will reap prizes for different age groups.
• The Historical Society’s Coppola Collection has been brought to the library for cataloging and evaluation.
• The Keurig coffee maker is initially charging $1.25/cup for coffee.
• The quilt Betsy Youngsma crafted to benefit the archival activities of the Library currently has a bid of $85.
Old Business
Building Renovation
• The retaining wall on the east side of the library has been moved. The Norway spruces at the rear of the driveway cannot have gravel near them and this may reduce the number of parking spaces originally planned. The stumps near Douglas Village Pizza need to be removed. The fill removed from the driveway may be able to be used to slope off the area by the Credit Union allowing for future use of the Credit Union’s driveway to access the back lot and exit onto Mechanic Street.
• Snook will check the status on the Accessibility Grant for $250,000 from the Massachusetts Office of Disability. He reminded all to look at the new plans by VanHooris.
• The circulation compressor which runs the air conditioner over the circulation desk is nearing its end. Snook will check with Adam Furno about next steps to take,
Trust Funds Vanguard to Bartholomew
Chesebrough will follow-up with the Selectmen about the transfer of these funds.
Winfield Carrick donations
Four hundred and fifty dollars has been received in donations to date.
The friends raised $538.02 from their book sale in July.
Library Action Committee
The Library Action Committee will be meeting again in September.

New Business
There was no new business.

The next meeting is scheduled for August 22, 2017.

The meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted
Ellie Chesebrough, Secretary
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