Minutes August 28, 2018

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Minutes August 28, 2018

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
August 28, 2018
Trustee Meeting

Present: Danielle Morrow, Ellie Chesebrough, Barbara Van Reed, Kate Anderson, Ramona Williams, Kevin Sughrue, Betty Holden and Justin Snook.

Morrow chaired the meeting.

A quorum being present the meeting was called to order at 7:08 PM

Minutes for July 24th meeting were accepted with corrections.

Treasurer’s Report
An expense report from July 1, 2018 through August 28, 2018 for town appropriated funds totaled $33,741.49 leaving a balance of $196,531.51. Trustee controlled accounts brought in an additional $212.08 and spent $281.79. Professional & Technical Consultants is C/W MARS' fees. It was requested to return the name for the Simon Fairfield Expendable Trust to the Richard Douglas Trust. The report was accepted.

Director’s Report
Circulation was up in July over July, 2017.
Summer Reading Program concluded with 77 children tracking their reading for prizes sponsored by Breezy Picnic Grounds, Douglas House of Pizza, Harry's Famous Pizza, The Little Coffee Bean, Friendly's, the Eric Carle Museum, Yankee Candle Village, the Big E, Sandy Stopyra, and Rebecca Lavallee. The combined total program attendance was 616.
In support of Dynamic Douglas Day the Library sponsored a rock painting night before the event and the Library Director sat in the dunk tank for 45 minutes while playing a ukulele.
A group of senior citizens have been playing mahjong in the meeting room on Thursdays.
Chess Club will resume September 4 with a kickoff speed chess competition.
The children's collections' cataloging is being normalized as well as weeded. Weeded items are being put in the Friends' book sale room and due to overcrowding the Library is shipping 87 boxes to Better World Books. In addition, donations for the book sale continue. The children's room is also being reconfigured to allow for better access to materials.
On September 8 the Library will be part of Douglas Orchards' Apple Festival providing a storyhour. It was suggested to offer some of the weeded books as giveaways at the festival.
Old Business
Building/Capital Projects
Side walk rail: It was moved, seconded, and approved unanimously to award the Brian Lavallee up to $700 to install a metal rail by the sidewalk to provide support to patrons on that one step.
Electrical Box: There was some discussion about the issue of vendors using the Library's electricity during Octoberfest. Snook obtained a quote from Jeff Grenier for $560 to install a new box. It was felt that this should be the responsibility of either Octoberfest or the vendor using the electricity. The vendor will use a generator this year to supplement their need. It was decided to table the issue for at least one year.
Basement Posts: A solution to protecting those engaged in a lot of movement in the meeting room is still in process. Yoga mats started to shred. Currently interlocking foam is being used temporarily. The cost of a custom product specifically used for this is very high.
Five Year Plan
Snook presented a word cloud using suggestions he has received.
Guidelines for donations & S. Fairfield Expendable Trust
After some discussion it that Trustees approve expenditures from LIG/MEG as well as any expenditures above $100 from the private funds. The exception to this is the Mone funds which are used for historical materials.
The Friends had no news. Morrow mentioned watching the webinar from libraryvision.org and learned that a library in California Friends' group donated $50,000 to their library's renovation.
Snook updated the Trustees with staffing changes. Rebecca and Marie are sharing the part-time Library Assistant position. Gail has gotten more hours so that she officially gets benefits that fit the town's guidelines. Michael, Isabel, and Louis are the pages.
New Business
Roof Issues
Snook reported that Adam Furno noted some minor roof repairs including
reinforcing the copper facade and rotting on the rear of the roof .
Trustee Vacancy
The Life Trustees met August 14th and voted to offer its vacancy to Danielle Morrow who accepted. Kevin Sughrue had to resign his elected Trustee position because as an appointed Registrar he cannot hold an elected position. Morrow's elected position ends in May, 2019; Sughrue' ends in May, 2020. To replace elected Trustees, an appointment jointly by the Board of Selectmen and Library Trustees must be made until the next Town election. Snook will check with Suzanne Kane for a timeline for posting and having a joint meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for September 25th at 7:00 PM

The meeting adjourned at 8:24 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellie Chesebrough, Secretary
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