Minutes October 30, 2018

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Minutes October 30, 2018

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
October 30, 2018
Trustee Meeting
Present: Danielle Morrow, Ellie Chesebrough, Barbara Van Reed, Kate Anderson, Betty Holden, Dawn
Fontaine, Daina Harvey and Justin Snook.
Absent: Ramona Williams
A quorum being present the meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM
Minutes for the September 18th meeting were accepted unanimously.
Treasurer’s Report
A report was presented by Snook providing cash flows and balances. The Operational budget provided
by the Annual Town Meeting currently has a balance of $148,758.70 having expended $81,514.30. The
special accounts have a balance of $97,442.34 having expended $3333.09 since the beginning of fiscal
year 2019. It was also reported that a concerted effort has been made and has been successful to garner
more fines by sending out letters to patrons with over $10 in overdues..
Director’s Report
• A Trustee Pocket Guide was provided to Trustees.
• The Library now has an Advantage Plus Program for eBooks and eAudiobooks from Overdrive.
This allows our library to purchase the e-materials and decide when we want to allow other
libraries access to them. Douglas patrons will always have priority reserving the titles that
Douglas has purchased. Not all libraries participate in the Advantage Plus Program.
• Kanopy, the video streaming service launched in September, had 8 views in September and 18
in October.
• Around 100 new library accounts were created and around 200 more were updated for the
Douglas Middle School's “Drop Everything and Read” program. As a result the Library's eBook
usage has increased considerably.
• Some website tweaks included cleaning out “like” and “social share” litter, and adding a page
for book clubs.
• Monitoring what patrons are using to access the library's wireless account is currently being
Old Business
Building/Capital Project
◦ Window replacement: A round window in the loft popped out and broke. Brian Lavallee
provided a quote of $363.00 to replace it. It was moved, seconded, and passed unanimously
to spend $363.00 from Building Funds to pay for replacing the window.
◦ Children's Room Carpet: Carpet Lover replaced the carpet where the bookcases had been
moved in the Children's Room for $150. It was paid for with operational funds.
◦ Concrete step replacement: Adam Furno has suggested the library in the Spring look into
repairing the concrete on the right side front steps. Buildmax in Dudley has quoted $1300
for this repair. There was some discussion reflecting on the step work that had been done
several years ago. Trustees were asked to look at the steps for their opinions.
◦ Climate Control: Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission, Town Manager
Matt Wojcik, and Town Engineer Bill Cundiff have been working together to secure funding
from the Green Communities Act for the heating and air-conditioning systems in the
Library. There will be a vote at the November Special Town Meeting to gain support for this
from the community.
◦ Five Year Plan: Snook provided a summary of a survey offered both online and in hard
copy. Trustees suggested he share some responses with the community.
◦ Friends: The Ocktoberfest book sale brought in $726.03 in donations. Thanks were given to
Harvey, Morrow, and Snook for their help in providing the bulk of the labor for this
successful sale. It was noted that Sokol Hall will have to go to the Ocktoberfest Committee
for a vendor spot. The Friends are funding several calligraphy workshops starting in late
November. A plan for a projector is being developed by Snook.
New Business
Director Review: Chesebrough reported on the process for the Director's Review. Snook's
progress report to Trustees is due to them by November 15. Trustees' completion of their
comments on the calendar year 2017 review are due November 27. It was mentioned/heard at a
Selectmen's Meeting that Town Manager Matt Wojcik was developing a new employee
evaluation form. Chesebrough will email Wojcik find out the status of this.
Door Counter: Snook reported that the people counter was broken at the front door. He will
look into costs for replacing it as well as adding one to the basement door.
Basement Door: It was noted that the door frame was not attached on the basement door and
that bottom of this frame is rotten. Snook will investigate repairs and costs for this.
Kobo Aura H2O: Snook is considering purchasing this as a more universal eReader for
downloadable books.
The next meeting is scheduled for November 27th at 7:00 PM.
The meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Ellie Chesebrough, Secretary
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