Minutes July 23, 2019

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Minutes July 23, 2019

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
July 23, 2019
Trustee Meeting

Present: Danielle Morrow, Kate Anderson, Ellie Chesebrough, Dawn Fontaine, Nick Socrat, Barbara VanReed, Betty Holden, and Justin Snook
Absent: Daina Harvey

A quorum being present the meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM.

Morrow thanked Nick Socrat for his hard work landscaping the lilac area in front of the Library.
The meeting minutes for May 28th were accepted with unanimously­.

Finance Report
No FY20 expenditures have been processed yet. For the FY19 budget, $3.05 was returned to the town as unspent for the operational budget and $190.30 was returned as unspent for the personnel budget The Building Donations account began FY19 with a balance of $17,739.68, took in $50.00 in donations, and spent $2,426.65 for a final balance of $15,363.03. The expense were $687.42 for the outdoor handrail installation, $363 to replace the broken window in the mezzanine, and $1,376.23 on lighting maintenance, repair , and upgrade to LED lights. The Building Donations with interest account began FY19 with $801.01, took in $900 throughout the year for a final balance of $1,701.01. This account has been donated by Eben and Ellie Chesebrough. Interest for this year will be calculated this week. Library Grants, which is awarded by the Mass Board of Library Commissioners and can be accumulated, began with a balance of $12,482.60, took in $11,162.11, and spent $11,615.03 for a final balance of $12,029.68. Expenses were $240 for Eaglestar Annual Monitoring Service, $1,391.23 for replacement equipment (wifi router, people counters, projector mount and screen, cabling, etc.), $8,113.04 for circulating materials, $641.05 for office supplies, $440 for Deb Hudgin's music and movement and storytime programs, and $789.71 for various other supplies (yoga mats, foam tiles, barcode labels, craft supplies, etc.). Mone Historical Books began the year with $2,492.96, took in an annual donation from Mr. Mone of $2,500, expended $1,963.49 on historical books for a final balance of $3,029.47. Donations began the year with $48,443, took in $2,326.23 in donations, and spent $68.52 on scifi books in memory of Michael Giancola for a final balance of $50,701.36. The 53E ½ revolving account began the year with $2,593.25, took in $1,474.94 in fines, spent $2,450.22 on books with a final balance of $1,617.97. The Richard S. Douglas Fund has a trust of $10,000 from which the Library can expend earned interest. The expendable account began at $2,762.53 and $201.69 was added from interest earned; $166 was expended on educational children's books. The interest for this year will be calculated by the end of this month. The Old trust Fund has a balance of $1,578.64 and saw no activity this year. The Carrick Fund began the year with $436.34, took in $306 in grant dispersal, and spent $715 on Deb Hudgin's music, movement, and storytime programs leaving a final budget of $27.34.

Director’s Report
June's circulation increased by 233 over the same month last year with a total of 3,621. The door count for June was 4,045. Thirteen programs were held with a total attendance of 97. Staffing was short in June due to employees taking vacations before the end of the fiscal year or losing it. This will be resolved so as to not happen in future years. Summer Reading Program has begun and is off to a strong start. Storytime attendance is down, but special programs have seen 40+ attendees so far.. It was suggested that required storyhour sign-ups might be a hindrance for busy families and to experiment by not requiring them.

Old Business
Building Projects:
The grant application to the Mass Office on Disability has hit some snag. The Building and Facilities Construction Committee recommended contacting Charlie Van Hoorhis, the last architect who drew plans for the Library. He is no longer in business as an architect and is no longer available to work on projects for Douglas. Town Engineer Cundiff is of the opinion that any addition or renovation project that puts an accessible entrance in the rear of the building is useless unless a paved parking lot is installed. The BFCC did not provide any additonal advise for how the Library would proceed to accomplish a down-sized renovation. Snook feels that a planning grant from the Mass Office on Disabilities might be the best approach. Neither the BFCC or Town Engineer Cundiff felt the town would fund any additional funds for planning this project. He'll report more on this at the next Trustees' meeting.
Painting the windows should begin within the next couple of weeks, weather permitting.
The front door needs to be re-varnished. Fontaine will check BVT to see if they could provide the labor for this. Snook will put the word out that we are looking for volunteer help.
Grants were discussed. It was noted that Solar Wolf had given funds to the police and fire departments. Snook will pursue for the Library. He will also check with banks and other prospects for grant monies.

Facilities Use Policy: The proposed Facilities Use Policy was discussed. Some questions included whether users should not charge any fees for whatever they are providing, should the policy restrict library staff from monitoring test taking, and since the Library is pubic should private parties be allowed? It was moved, seconded, and passed unanimously to approve the Wallis Room use as written in the proposed Facilities Use Policy.

Friends: The Friends are sponsoring a quilt contest to be held during Oktoberfest. The entry fee for entering a quilt is $5. The Friends received $1150.00 from Walmart and Unibank to help fund their yoga program on Thursdays at the Library.

New Business

Auto-Renew: C/W MARS is providing patrons with renewals automatically the day their books are due. Although most are pleased, Chesebrough questioned the timing of the renewal. A book she had was renewed in the morning it was due and she had planned on returning it when she came to the Library that evening. She asked if these renewals could happen after libraries close.

Douglas Farmers Market: The storytimes at the Farmers' Market have been discontinued due to a lack of participation.. They did set up a story-walk for the Blueberry festival.

The next meeting is scheduled for August 27, 2019 at 7:00 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 8:56 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellie Chesebrough, Secretary
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