Minutes August 27, 2019

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Minutes August 27, 2019

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Simon Fairfield Public Library
August 27, 2019
Trustee Meeting
Present: Kate Anderson, Ellie Chesebrough, Dawn Fontaine, Nick Socrat, Daina Harvey, and Justin
Absent: Danielle Morrow, Betty Holden, and Barbara VanReed,
A quorum being present the meeting was called to order by Vice- Chair Anderson at 7:07 PM.
The meeting minutes for July 23rd were accepted unanimously.
Finance Report
Town appropriated funds FY20: Opening Balance: $233,918; Expenses: $36,762.71; Current Balance: $197,155.29
Special Accounts FY20:
Building Donations: Opening Balance: $15,363.03; no income; no expenses; Current Balance: $15,363.03
Building Donations w/ Interest: Opening Balance:$1,710.91; no income; no expenses; Current Balance: $1,710.91
LIG/MEG Grant: Opening Balance: $12,029.68; no income; no expenses; Current Balance: $12,029.68;
Mone Historical Books: Opening Balance $3,029.47; no income; Expenses: $108.44; Current Balance: $2,921.03
Donations: Opening Balance: $50,706.18; Income: $4.82; Expenses: $30.67; Current Balance: $50,675.51
Revolving Account: Opening Balance: $1,617.97; Income: $75.19; no expenses; Current Balance: $1,693.16
RS Douglas Nonexpendable: Current Balance: $10,000; no income; no expenses; Current Balance: $10,000
RS Douglas Expendable: Current Balance: $3,178.85; no income; no expenses; Current Balance: $3,178.85
Trust Fund: Current Balance: $1,618.41; no income; no expenses; Current Balance: $1,618.41
Carrick Fund: Current Balance: $27.34; no income; no expenses; Current Balance: $27.34
Total Special Accounts: Opening Balance: $99,281.84; Income: $80.01; Expenses: $139.11; Current Balance: $99,217.92
Interest earned on accounts in FY 2019 was as follows, and is reflected in the above opening balances:
Trust Fund: $39.77
RS Douglas: $152.16
Building Donations w/Interest: $9.90

Director’s Report
July Circulation: July 2018 July 2019
Books 2104 2459
Audio 133 142
Periodicals 135 166
Video 873 866
Other Physical Media 55 99
Digital Loans 518 722
PC/Wifi Clients 209 174
Total Use 4027 4628

• The door count for the month of July was 4,882. The Library hosted 38 programs with a
total attendance of 440, and had 10 volunteers and 66 participants in the summer reading
program. Overall, storytime numbers were down but Wednesday morning programming was
incredibly well attended. Having the bigger programs at the municipal center worked out
• Dynamic Douglas Day was also a pretty successful event. The Library's booth attracted
steady traffic throughout the day. About 23 kids did the craft and the black and white print
by Phillip Parsneau got mostly colored (it is displayed in the library currently for finishing
touches). Snook had a dozen or so conversations with people about library services.
• Our teen advisory board is back, with Jade Espanet serving as president for her senior
project. We have participation from high schoolers as well as middle schoolers. They will be
starting a weekly movie Monday program at the library in September. The theme for the
month is ‘Storming Area 51.’ Snook ordered a DVD player to make it easier to run. Rebecca
Lavallee has donated a popcorn machine. On early release days movies will be shown for
younger children.
• There is a lot of activities going on this Fall. A recap of activities was published in
yesterday’s newsletter.
Old Business
• Building Projects
▪ Mass Office on Disabilities Grant application
Snook did not receive a clear enough idea for a project to submit a strong application
for anything—project or proposal, and as a result will not submit an application this
year. It was decided to pursue a Trustee Sub-committee which might also include a
member or two from the Buildings Facilities Construction Committee as well as the
Town Administrator and Town Engineer. Fontaine and Anderson will work on
getting this moving.
▪ Painting
Painting is underway, with hopes for completion in a couple of weeks.
▪ Other
Maribeth Buteau, a student at BVT, has applied a coat of varnish to the front exterior
doors and gray protective paint to the back door.
Snook would like to seek quotes from local contractors for the cost of getting a fullsized
door in the entry to the west wing of the attic, making it possible for staff to
enter and exit with ease. There are items stored up there currently which aren’t
holdable and are therefore not being used. Trustees agreed that Snook should get
Jeff Grenier replaced an emergency light . It was moved, seconded, and unanimously
accepted to spend $150-$300 from the Building Fund for this invoice.
• Grant prospects
Most organizations have automated forms which requires a tax ID number. It tries to
automatically validate the number, and—for some reason—the town’s doesn’t validate. It may
be because the town has a different format (and EIN rather than a Federal ID), but it is
inhibiting the Library from applying for grants from corporations. It might make more sense to
go after these with the Friends ID number. Chesebrough support this request.
• Facilities Use Policy
The URLs of the appropriate town documents noted in the policy has been added.
The line about preferring parents remain under the tutoring policy has been removed.
Concerns expressed about proctoring into the tutoring policy have been integrated in the policy.
• Friends
Preliminary information on Oktoberfest activities were discussed. More detail will be provided
at September's meeting
New Business
Debra Soderman will be processing payrolls and invoices during Snook's medical leave.
The next meeting is scheduled for September 24 at 7:00 PM.
The meeting adjourned at 8:41 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Ellie Chesebrough, Secretary
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