Personnel Minutes 2011-01-11

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Personnel Minutes 2011-01-11

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January 11, 2011

Members Present: Ellie Chesebrough, Debby Heinz, BettyAnn McCallum
Non Members: Mike Guzinski, Eileen Damore, Marleen Bacon, MaryBeth Mello, Patty Brule, Maria Lajoie, Chris Furno, Pam Carter, Jane Alger, Steve Zisk, Rick Colonero, Jeanne Lovett, Bill Cundiff.

 PUBLIC HEARING: Employees attended this public hearing to discuss the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual. Some comments and questions had been put in writing and given to Mike, but he had not been able to review them. Ellie suggested that we have a public hearing every January for input. Everyone felt this was a good idea. Steve Zisk commented on the following:
1. Definitions: There should be a definition for Personnel Assistant. Mike suggested that all references to a Personnel Assistant or Personnel Director be replaced with Administrator.
2. Missing Items: mileage reimbursement, compensatory time, cafeteria plan (insurance)
3. 4.1: The Personnel Assistant may establish, maintain and amend instead of shall
4. 4.3: Hours of work-Steve found this confusing
5. 5.15: Whistleblower Policy should be replaced with Anti-Fraud policy adopted by the Town in Nov. 2009. The Board did not have any record of this policy
 COLA: After much discussion about what union employees will receive, the Board VOTED UNANIMOUSLY TO RECOMMEND A 3% COST OF LIVING ADJUSTMENT FOR FY12 TO ALL NON-UNION, NON-CONTRACTUAL EMPLOYEES. The new school contract gives 1.5 % fir FY12 & FY13, but teachers still get step raises and education bonuses on top of the cola.
 LONGEVITY/ADDITONAL STEPS: Many employees have reached the final step of their compensation scale and feel that a cost of living adjustment does not do much for them, especially in years when it is small. The Board will revisit the possibility of a longevity clause.
 TREASURER/COLLECTOR: Because of the small number of applicants for the position of Treasurer, the Selectmen have voted to combine the positions of Treasurer and Tax Collector. A job description is not ready, but the Board will be given one when it is available. The new Financial Department will consist of: Financial Director, Asst. to the Fin. Director, Treasurer/Collector, Asst. Treasurer, Asst. Collector and a part-time clerk. Staffing hours will remain the same.
 FIRE CHIEF: The search for a new Fire Chief is over and an announcement will be made soon.
 JOB DESCRIPTIONS: Mike will get Treasurer/Collector and Assessors descriptions.
 NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, January 26, 2011, at 2:00 p.m. Debby will post.
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