Personnel Minutes 2011-05-17

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Personnel Minutes 2011-05-17

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May 17, 2011

Members Present: Ellie Chesebrough, Debby Heinz, BettyAnn McCallum

Non-members: Jeanne Lovett, Mike Guzinski, Jeff Laporte

• REORGANIZATION: The Personnel Board voted unanimously to reorganize as follows:
Chair: Ellie Chesebrough
Vice-Chair: Debby Heinz
Secretary: BettyAnn McCallum

• MINUTES: The minutes from 4/19/11 were accepted as written.

• POLICY BOOK: The Board voiced concerns regarding changes that had been made to the Personnel Policies and Procedures manual and felt that it was in direct conflict with the Personnel Bylaw. Mike will email members new copies and asked that we comment individually on the changes that were suggested by Town Counsel. Mike did not want sections 5.17 and 6.6 changed from our original.

• SICK BANK: Jeanne needs a memo regarding how many days are granted out of the sick bank with a follow-up for each extension. BettyAnn will prepare this.

• COMPENSATION SCHEDULE: The compensation schedule needs the following:
Additions: Cable Recording Assistant

Deletions: Full-time Fire/EMT (now in union)

Jeanne will need a notice from our board whenever a new position needs to be added.

• VACANCIES: Each time a position is vacant, the Board will review the job description and rate it before it is advertised, if time allows.

• COLA: The Board is still adamant about a 3% COLA. Mike will speak to Selectmen again. Jeanne will supply us with the figures on the grades and steps of present employees to determine how many are on step 10. Mike suggested we make a presentation to the Finance Committee.

• EVALUATIONS: Jeff Laporte discussed the issue of how raises are given to non-union employees. At present, everyone receives the same COLA plus a recommendation for a possible step increase. Jeff recommends giving raises based on performance evaluations stressing the following:
1. long-time employees would not be penalized by reaching step 10
2. evaluations on performance yearly with bullet points explaining below or above average scores with specific examples
3. allowing the employee to be master of his/her own fate by excelling or just floating by
4. fairness—this would eliminate best friend/worst enemy scoring by having an unbiased review of each evaluation, possibly with comments from other departments
The following possibility was suggested by Jeff:
Eliminate COLA and steps and give percentage points for each excellent rating on the performance review. Raises would be figured on a base salary and appropriated from a “pool” dependent on available funds each year. Evaluations would be done by December 1st and be part of the budget process. The Selectmen would be responsible for anyone who doesn’t fall under the authority of the Personnel Board . Mike reminded the Board that performance evaluations are not public records and reviews must be done in executive session. Jeff will draft a new evaluation form and some procedural suggestions.

• NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. Debby will post.
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