Personnel Minutes 2011-06-07

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Personnel Minutes 2011-06-07

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June 7, 2011

Members Present: Ellie Chesebrough, Debby Heinz, BettyAnn McCallum
Non Members: Jeff LaPorte, Mike Guzinski, Ann Carlsson, Mitch Cohen

The meeting was called to order and went into Executive Session to vote on an
extension of benefits from the Sick Bank for an employee. The employee has already
received 35 days from the Sick Bank.
Debby Heinz: NO
Ellie Chesebrough: NO
BettyAnn McCallum: NO

***BettyAnn suggested that the application for Sick Bank benefits should include
“I intend to return to work”

 POLICY BOOK: Ellie submitted language to add to 4.6 of the policy book regarding promotions. Mike will submit it to Town Counsel for review.

 CABLE RECORDING ASSISTANT: Presently this position is minimum wage but is paid for 5 hrs. minimum. The Board rated this position at a higher salary and would like to see a smaller number of hours. Mitch felt that this would not work, since in addition to the length of meetings there is a set up period and could end up costing more money. The Board decided to establish a Minimum Wage category that starts at $8.00 per hour. This will be added to the schedule for Monday’s Town Meeting and be listed as MS-0 (Miscellaneous). Ellie will present it at the town meeting.

 REVIEW AND RAISE PROPOSAL: Jeff LaPorte presented a proposal for doing employee performance reviews. Raises would be based on this review and step increases and cost of living raises would be eliminated. A public hearing will be held for employees to address the proposed evaluation process.

 LABOR COUNSEL: Mike suggested that the Board meet with the Town’s Labor Attorney when he comes on June 22nd to discuss the policy Book.

 NEXT MEETING AND PUBLIC HEARING: Wednesday, June 22nd at 1:00 p.m. followed by a public hearing with employees at 2:30 p.m.
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