Personnel Minutes 2011-12-13

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Personnel Minutes 2011-12-13

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December 13, 2011

Members Present: Ellie Chesebrough, Debby Heinz, Kristen Stevens, BettyAnn McCallum

Non-members: Mike Guzinski, Jeanne Lovett, Bob Sullivan, Ernie Marks, MaryBeth Mello, Marleen Bacon, Steve Zisk, Ricky Colonero, Bill Cundiff, Cheryl Ouillette, Beth MacKay, Maria Lajoie, Eileen Damore, Jeff LaPorte, Patty Brule, John Furno, Adelle Reynolds, Pam Carter and Nick Miglionico

• MINUTES: Minutes from 11/15/11 were approved as written.

• OVERTIME: Section 5.18 Fair Labor Standards Act “FLSA” of the policy book that will go into effect on January 1, 2012, does not allow sick, vacation or personal time to be counted toward an employee’s 40 hour workweek. This is contradictory to what has been the practice used by the highway department. John Furno, Highway Supt. and Nick Miglionico, Police Lieutenant both spoke against the new policy and felt that public safety workers would be penalized for using time they were entitled to. Bob Sullivan, Water/Sewer Supt. already follows the new policy and felt there could be some abuse.
VOTE: The Board voted to change the policy book as follows: “OVERTIME Pay at a rate of not less than one and one-half (1 ½) times their regular rates of pay is required after forty (40) hours of earned time in a workweek. An employee’s use of sick, vacation and personal time will count towards the forty (40) hours when calculating an employee’s entitlement to overtime compensation.” PASSED BY UNANIMOUS VOTE. Ellie will send a memo to the Board of Selectmen asking them to approve this as soon as possible.

• LIMITED PART-TIME EMPLOYEES: Nick Miglionico spoke regarding limited part-time employees in the police department. At present, all part-time employees in the police department are considered fill-ins, but it would create a great deal of confusion if at some time in the future they had such employees again and were entitled to benefits. We have no definition for “fill-in” employees and Nick suggested they be considered “per diems”. The Board received an unsigned letter in favor of benefits from an employee.

• RATINGS: The Board rated the updated job description for this position and scored it at 225, placing it at an AO-4 level. The job presently is an AO-3. VOTE: MOVE THE POSITION OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY FROM OA-3 TO AO-4 EFFECTIVE THE NEXT PAY PERIOD. PASSED BY UNANIMOUS VOTE. Jeanne placed the position on step 4. Also rated were the following:
Assessors’ Administrative Assistant 245 = OA-4
Assistant Collector 235 = OA-4
Treasurer/Collector Administrative Assistant 205 = OA-3

• PERSONNEL SUB-COMMITTEE: The Board is in receipt of a memo written by the subcommittee regarding changes to the evaluation process and raises. The subcommittee felt that the present compensation plan is effective and does not need to be changed. They felt that Jeff LaPorte’s proposal was too complicated and would require individual spreadsheets for each employee. They did feel that a better review process is needed, as well as a longevity plan. Employees feel that they are being compensated fairly until they reach and remain on step 10. Jeff rebutted the findings of the subcommittee because the present system rewards mediocrity and does not address incentive. He feels that it is a broken system because employees who consistently work below par get the same raise as those who excel. The subcommittee will review the evaluation process and Jeff’s proposal again and try to make some suggestions.

• PLANNING/CONSERVATION AGENT AND BUILDING FACILITIES MANAGER: Steve Zisk and Rick Colonero were concerned that the Board was reviewing their job descriptions without notifying them. Debby informed them that it was at her request. We explained that all jobs were being rerated and that a request for updated job descriptions was sent out in 2009. Rick explained that he had been put on the Management level in 2006 because he did not have enough money in his budget for all the overtime he put in. At that time, the Board gave him a score of 375 and put him on M-2/step 6 effective July 1, 2006. Although any change in his rating now would not effect his position or salary, Rick felt that it sent a message to the public if his position was downgraded. Bill suggested that department heads should be notified whenever an employee’s position is being reviewed. Ellie reminded people that Mike is the Personnel Assistant and attends most meetings and that information should come from him.

• NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, January 10, 2012, at 2:00 p.m.
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