Personnel Minutes 2012-02-22

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Personnel Minutes 2012-02-22

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February 22, 2012

Members Present: Ellie Chesebrough, Debby Heinz, Kristen Stevens, Michael Yacino, BettyAnn McCallum
Non Members Present: Eleanor Brown, Anne Resan, Elaine Kelly, Rose Manyak, Patricia Koslak, Nancy Colonero, Jerry Kocur, John Bombara, Pam and Robert Holmes, Patty Brule, MB Mello, Marleen Bacon, Jeanne Lovett, Bob Sullivan, Arthur Griffin, Cheryl V.

Ellie opened the public hearing at 2:03 p.m. by going over the changes that the Board has approved for the Personnel Bylaw and asked for comments from the floor.

Jeanne Lovett: Jeanne wanted the record to show that she was not looking for additional benefits for her staff alone—she wanted the bylaw to reflect what she felt were current practices that were being followed by various departments.

Pam Holmes: Pam wondered how long residents had to make comments before a decision was made. Ellie pointed out that this was our 2nd or 3rd public hearing and we would make a decision on Monday because the deadline for warrant articles was March 2nd.

Nancy Colonero: Mrs. Colonero wanted a definition of full-time employee—she thought it was anyone who worked more than 32 hours. Debby explained that it has always been an employee who worked a minimum of 30 hours, which is the number of hours the municipal center is open.

Pam Holmes: BettyAnn stated that the towns of Blackstone, Charlton, Dudley, Grafton, Hopedale, Mendon, Southboro, Sturbridge and Westboro offer no benefits to employees who work under 20 hours. Pam wanted to know the significance of this info. BettyAnn said that of the towns she was able to contact, only Uxbridge gave benefits and that was because employees who worked 10-19 hours had to join the union.

John Bombara: John asked if the bylaw had been reviewed by Town Counsel. It is our understanding that the entire warrant will be reviewed before the town meeting. He also stated that he did not care what other towns did—he was opposed to giving part-timers benefits. BettyAnn stated that she gave that info because the Board had been told that it was a common practice for municipalities to give benefits to them.

Bob Sullivan: Bob noted that money for employee vacations was already budgeted for and no additional funds would be needed for replacements. BettyAnn noted that this may not always be the case because even though the police did not have part-time positions at the present time, they would have to pay for replacements if they had them in the future. He said that we might lose part-timers if we didn’t give benefits. Ellie asked where they could go to get benefits. Bob said he would have to research it.

Marleen Bacon: Asked what the next step would be for this bylaw. Ellie explained that we were meeting on February 27th and hoped to vote and place the bylaw on the warrant.

Michael Yacino: Asked Jeanne Lovett what the financial impact of giving benefits to all of the present employees who work less than 20 hours. Jeanne did not have that information.

Ellie Chesebrough: Ellie read a written comment from Eben Chesebrough stating that he was opposed to the Town giving benefits to employees who worked less than 20 hrs. per week and that this should be made clear when part-time positions are advertised.

The public hearing was ended at 3:05 p.m.
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