Personnel Minutes 2012-02-27

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Personnel Minutes 2012-02-27

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February 27, 2012

Members Present: Ellie Chesebrough, Debby Heinz, BettyAnn McCallum, Kristen Stevens, Michael Yacino
Non-Members: Mike Guzinski, Jeanne Lovett, Steve Zisk, Rick Colonero, Bill Cundiff

• MINUTES: Minutes from February 6, 2012, accepted as written.
Minutes from February 22, 2012, accepted as amended.
• BYLAW: Ellie retyped the Personnel Bylaw without track changes. The Board made a few corrections and edits. A motion was made and seconded to accept the Personnel Bylaw as presented.
VOTE: THE PERSONNEL BYLAW WAS ACCEPTED UNANIMOUSLY AS PRESENTED. The Bylaw will be submitted before March 2nd to the Selectmen for the Annual Town Meeting. The warrant will be reviewed by Town Counsel.
• PLANNING/CONSERVATION AGENT: The Board rated the job description for the Planning/Conservation Agent. The score was 375, placing it at an M-3 level.
• CONTRACT POSITIONS: Mike G. gave us copies of job descriptions for all contract positions plus a copy of the Special Act, which established a Finance Dept.
• GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONAL CHART: Mike also gave us a copy of the organizational chart for town government. He will update this to show the change created by the Special Act. Presently, the chart does not show the creation of the Finance Department and the change from elected to appointed positions. Ellie requested that the school be included in the chart.
• MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING: Debby questioned the difference between a memorandum of understanding and a contract. After reading them, she understood that after the first year of employment, the position fell under the jurisdiction of the Personnel Bylaw. Mike said that they are no different than a contract and are not under our jurisdiction. Ellie asked if it was an agreement between the Administrator and the employee or the Selectmen and the employee. Mike assured us that all contracts and memorandums of understanding are signed by the Selectmen.
• STIPEND POSITIONS: Mike submitted a list of current stipend positions, with the exception of the regional dog officer. The Board will decide what to do with these positions, how to add them to the compensation chart and whether or not they will receive annual raises, which they presently do not. Debby questioned why the position of nurse is on our chart if it is a stipend position. This position will be removed from where it currently is on the chart.
• GRADING CHANGES: The Board questioned what to do with positions that have been raised on the compensation chart. BettyAnn and Debby felt that the entire chart would be reviewed before informing departments of any changes.
• NEXT MEETING: Friday, March 30, 2012, at 2:00 p.m. Debby will post both.
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