Personnel Minutes 2012-03-30

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Personnel Minutes 2012-03-30

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March 30, 2012

Members Present: Ellie Chesebrough, Debby Heinz, Kristen Stevens, Mike Yacino, BettyAnn McCallum
Non Members: Mike Guzinski, Rick Colonero

o MEETING WITH SELECTMEN: The Selectmen have requested that the Personnel Board attend their meeting (changed from April 3 to April 10) at 8 p.m. to discuss our goals and initiatives. The classification and compensation chart and the Personnel Bylaw will also be discussed in relation to the opinion received last June from Town Counsel regarding the Special Act, which makes Mike the Town Administrator. Prior to this meeting, they have requested that on April 4th, 2 members of our Board meet with 2 Selectmen to discuss these issues. Ellie and Debby will attend this meeting. As many members as possible will attend the meeting on April 10th. At present, our goals and initiatives are to: uphold the Personnel Bylaw, review the Policy and Procedure manual regularly and to implement an employee review system to make salary increases based on merit.
o FY-2013 COMPENSATION CHART: The Board received the updated compensation and classification chart from Mike, which included a 1.5% equalization raise. This is the first time there are employees in the OA-6 category. Ellie used the following formula to fill in the amounts: M2/Step1 salary divided by 40 (hrs. per wk.), divided by 52 (wks. per yr.), which is $23.09 for step 1, times 2.25% (increment between steps). The article on the warrant for the annual town meeting will not include dollar amounts because the financial portion of the meeting will be moved to June. The article will read “to approve the classification and compensation chart submitted by the Personnel Board as on file with the Town Clerk. VOTE: The Board voted unanimously to place this article as stated on the warrant for the Annual Town Meeting. Ellie asked if Mike could provide her with what the impact of the 1.5% raise and step increases will be before she goes to the Finance Committee on April 2nd.
o ORGANIZATIONAL CHART: Mike provided the Board with the new organizational chart for town government, which includes the position of Town Administrator and Finance Director.
o MINUTE TAKER: Bill is still working on this job description.
o JOB RATINGS: Debby suggested that when all job descriptions have been rated, the Board should review the entire chart and readdress the “confidentiality” scores. The Board agreed.
o SICK DAYS: BettyAnn brought up the fact that it was a policy that employees who were sick for more than 5 consecutive work days had to bring a doctor’s note to their department head and that this was somehow omitted from the bylaw. All agreed that this should added to the policy book when it is reviewed again.
o LONGEVITY: The subcommittee has submitted a longevity proposal. Ellie will request some background information from them to see how they arrived at their figures and to see what the financial impact will be on the town.
o EVALUATION FORM: The subcommittee submitted a performance evaluation form for our review. The Board liked that fact that it allowed for employees to do a self-evaluation.
o RICK COLONERO: Rick would like to see rating changes for positions and the dates they were changed so that he can compare before and after scores. BettyAnn will try to put some information together along with job descriptions.
o STIPEND POSITIONS: BettyAnn asked that we decide what we are going to do with stipend positions. If they are listed on the classification chart, will they get yearly raises. VOTE: The Board voted unanimously to omit stipend positions from our classification chart.
o MINUTES: Minutes from February 27th were accepted as amended. Mike pointed out an error on the minutes from the 22nd which BettyAnn will correct.
• NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, April 10th, 2012, at 8:00 p.m. with Selectmen and Tuesday, April 17, 20l2, at 2:00 p.m. Debby will post both meetings.
• NEXT AGENDA: Confidential ratings, Minute Taker job description, Evaluation forms, Organizational Chart, Selectmen’s Meeting, FY 13 Compensation Chart and the dollar amount for the longevity proposal.
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