Personnel Minutes 2013-01-08

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Personnel Minutes 2013-01-08

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January 8, 2013

Members Present: Ellie Chesebrough, Debby Heinz, Kristen Stevens, Michael Yacino, BettyAnn McCallum Non-Members Present: Mike Guzinski, Bill Cundiff
o MINUTES: Minutes from November 27, 2012, accepted as written.
o EMPLOYEE EVALUATIONS: Mike reported that he has received about half of the employee evaluations using the new form. He has received no complaints about the review system; many of the ratings will not be of use until next year.
o MIKE’S PLAN FOR THE PERSONNEL BOARD: Mike presented his plan for the Personnel Board stating that he felt that the Board was doing a good job and that in essence not very much would change (see attached plan). Mike Y. and Ellie questioned if the Personnel Bylaw would be rewritten because of conflicts with Mike’s plan and the Special Act. Mike said most of his plan would be incorporated into the Policy and Procedure Manual. BettyAnn questioned whether an employee (not a department head) had the right to ask for a classification review and whether public hearings would still be held when changes are made. Michael Y. was concerned about what the Board could do if it was unhappy with a decision made by the Administrator. Mike said he would consider our concerns and confer with Town Counsel. Mike will try to have something in writing by our next meeting.
o PLANNING/CONSERVATION AGENT: This position has been cut to 17.5 hours per week instead of 40 and is paid hourly. The position handles mostly conservation matters but may work with the Planning Board on an “as needed” basis. The Board requested an updated job description to reflect the decrease in duties.
o RATING CHART: Kristen had questioned whether or not we had the right to alter the rating chart that was originally done by MMA Consulting. Mike said that since we paid for the information in the study, we can readjust the charts and system to suit our needs. The only thing we are prohibited from doing is selling the information.
o CONFIDENTIAL DATA: BettyAnn typed up a point system to use for rating employees who work with confidential data (see attached). BettyAnn also typed up a form requesting each department head to list the types of confidential information that is in their department, who has access to it and how it is secured. Several forms were returned. Mike Y. and Debby objected to having them read aloud for security reasons. Mike suggested that we go into executive session. BettyAnn did not feel that it would be legal. Mike Y. will check with the District Attorney’s office for our next meeting.
o DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING: Ellie expressed our concerns regarding the Selectmen’s decision to give employees who worked on the day after Thanksgiving a paid holiday. Mike said it was a one-time occurrence.
o ANNUAL REPORT: Ellie will submit an annual report for the Board.
o NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. Debby will post.



0 Points: Employee has no access to confidential data

15 Points: Employee has limited access to confidential data that will
eventually be made public (i.e. executive session minutes)

20 Points: Employee has access to a limited amount of confidential data
within 1 department (i.e. personnel records only)

25 Points: Employee has access to all confidential data within a department

40 Points: Employee has access to confidential data in more than one
department within the town

Confidential data is defined as information to which the public cannot have access to
under the provisions of the Massachusetts Public Records Law.
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