Personnel Minutes 2013-02-26

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Personnel Minutes 2013-02-26

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February 26, 2013

Members Present: Ellie Chesebrough, Debby Heinz, Michael Yacino, BettyAnn McCallum
Non-Members: Town Administrator, Mike Guzinski

o MINUTES: Minutes from January 8, 2013, accepted as written.
o MIKE’S PLAN FOR THE PERSONNEL BOARD: Mike distributed his amended copy of his plan for the Personnel Board under the Special Act. It will be inserted into the policy manual. Debby questioned that it still did not include public hearings when policy changes were made. Mike pointed out that public hearings were addressed elsewhere in the policy manual. Ellie changed some wording, which the Board agreed with. Michael felt that an employee should be present when their job description is being reclassified.
o PLANNING/CONSERVATION AGENT: The Board had requested for an updated job description for this position, which has been changed from 40 hrs. per week to 17.5. Steve Zisk has requested that the Board have an evening meeting to discuss his job description so that he may have input. The Board decided to review the job description first. Mike will have a job description for our March meeting.
o COLA: The Selectmen have not made a decision on raises for non-union employees. Union employees will receive the following:
Teachers: 1% raise, delay step increases for 1 month
Police: 1.5% raise
Fire: 1.5% but will modify to match teachers
o CONFIDENTIAL DATA: Michael called the District Attorney for a ruling on whether or not we can go into executive session for our discussion of which employees handle confidential data and how it is stored. He was directed to the Attorney General, who now handles this, and was told that we could not go into executive session. BettyAnn suggested that the informational sheets be numbered and rated without using names or departments. BettyAnn had typed up a format for rating the types of access employees have to confidential material.
VOTE: The Board voted unanimously to use the rating sheet that BettyAnn did.
o RETIREMENT: In FY 2014, 3 employees will be retiring. The Board was asked to give an opinion in writing regarding the use of vacation time that an employee is entitled to upon retiring. BettyAnn typed up an opinion, which the Board and Mike approved (see attached). The Board feels that this is an excellent opportunity to use updated job descriptions when hiring replacements, which will save money. Debby felt that these job descriptions should be reviewed again before being advertised. BettyAnn said she hoped that new employees will begin on Step 1. Ellie will send a memo regarding this to Mike (see attached).
o NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, March 19, at 2:00 p.m. Debby will post.

Role of Personnel Board--Final.JPG
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Douglas Personnel Board

TO: Retiring Employees

FROM: Personnel Board

DATE: February 26, 2013

Upon retirement, a regular full-time employee is entitled to any unused vacation time for the fiscal year in which they are retiring. Thus, an employee who is retiring after July 1, 2013, who has entitled to 6 weeks of vacation will receive the full 6 weeks.
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