Personnel Minutes 2015-09-22

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Personnel Minutes 2015-09-22

Postby BettyAnn » Sun Dec 20, 2015 3:32 pm

September 22, 2015

Members Present: Ellie Chesebrough, , Kristen Stevens, BettyAnn McCallum

• MINUTES: Minutes from August 25, 2015, accepted as written.
• CYBER-STORAGE: Mitch Cohen will be the person to set up our web page. Any info that we want to put on it can be submitted to Suzanne Kane.
• POLICIES & PROCEDURES MANUAL: Mike would like 2 members of the Board to meet with him and have a workshop with Brian Maser, Town Council. Kristen and BettyAnn will do this on a date to be determined later.
• TIME SHEET: 4.4 of the Policy Manual, BettyAnn will finish updating.
*Sr. Center Dir./Outreach Worker: Mike has this and is reviewing
*Fire Dept.: Kent will get them to us
**BettyAnn will check original rating of Facilities Maint. Mgr.
• BOARD OF HEALTH ADMINISTRATIVE SUPERVISOR: This position is now back to 30 hrs. per week and should be rated at an OA-5 level.
• WATER/SEWER SECRETARY: It was unclear to the Board as to how many hours this position was. Originally, the position was listed as 19 hrs. per week. BettyAnn discussed it with the Treasurer/Collector and was given a copy of a memo stating that the current employee works 30 hrs. per week and should be accruing benefits accordingly after July 1, 2015.
• MMA: The Board was informed that only 2 people are allowed access to the MMA information on position data from other towns. The Board was hoping to gain insight on salaries, hours, etc. for similar positions throughout the state.
• NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, October 27, 2015, at 2:30 p.m. Ellie will post.
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