BWC Whitin Reservoir, 45 Oak Street: Public Shade Tree

Public Hearing Notices.

BWC Whitin Reservoir, 45 Oak Street: Public Shade Tree

Postby Maria Lajoie » Thu Mar 19, 2020 1:43 pm


In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40, Section 15C, Scenic Roads, Chapter 87, Public Shade Tree Law, Section 3 (Cutting of Public Shade Trees; Hearing; Damages), and the Town of Douglas General Bylaws, Article 5, Section 6 Scenic Road Bylaw, the Town of Douglas Planning Board and Tree Warden are jointly holding a Public Hearing on the application of BWC Whitin Reservoir, LLC c/o BlueWave Solar to remove trees due to sight distance limitations and an effort to minimize impacts to wetland resource areas from other points of entry, the Applicant is seeking permission to work within a stone wall and for the removal of approximately six (6) trees within the scenic road right-of-way along 45 Oak Street in Douglas. The specific trees to be removed are as follows:

One 13.5” Red Maple
One 1.5” Sugar Maple
One 18.5” Dead Maple (Species Unknown)
One 1.5” Black Cherry
One 1.5” – 1.75” Sugar Maple
One 2.75’ Red Maple

The Public Hearing is being held on Tuesday, March 24, 7:45pm, in the Community Meeting Room, Municipal Center, 29 Depot Street, Douglas, MA.

A copy of the application may be viewed in the Community Development Department during regular business hours. Any person interested or wishing to be heard on the proposed plan should appear at the time and place designated.

Ernest Marks, Jr., Chairman
Planning Board

John Furno
Tree Warden

Please place this Legal Notice in your Monday, March 9, 2020 and your Monday, March 16, 2020, issues.
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