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Cemetery Commission
12/6/11 Amended Minutes

Location: Community Meeting Room Cable Recording Assistant: None Present
Present: Commissioners Shirley Cooney, Gail Swenson, Debby Heinz
Non-Members: Bill Cundiff
Guests: Sue Perkins, Robert Johnson and Linda Johnson

Quorum is present
Meeting is called to order: 10:07 am

Robert & Linda Johnson have come before the commission to discuss their desire to build a house on the property that surrounds the Quaker Cemetery on Pine Street.
As per Mr. Johnson, he said that based on the archeological study, the actual cemetery is across the street. (This is the same location where alleged Indian headstones were supposed to be).
The state wants to know what the Cemetery Commission’s feelings are on the situation and what it would take to consider the study sufficient.
Proposed construction site is 35 feet from the cemetery.
Building Dept. will not issue a permit to begin construction until the Cemetery Commission signs off on the study.
The Meeting House site is right in the middle of the construction zone. There has been no more input from the Friends. Mr. Johnson has not heard from them in a year and a half.
Archeologist is requesting input from the Cemetery Commission for the necessary requirements with the state for the permit. Marty Dudek is the archeologist – he works for John Milner.
BOTTOM LINE: What is required by the Cemetery Commission to get approval? Is information provided sufficient or is more needed in order to get permit?
The state wants to know significance. Mr. Johnson does not care about the significance of the cemetery or that it was the site of the meeting house. Mr. Johnson also points out the negligence of the cemetery on both the state and town’s part.
Archeologist report – If not done the state will insist on a full blown excavation. As per Mr. Johnson, if that is the case then there could be a lawsuit against the state & the town as the Douglas Historical Commission has known about the land since 1989 and has done nothing.
Mr.Johnson also states that the Chase Cemetery was left to nobody. The Cemetery across the street was deeded to the Friends Society.
As per Gail, the next step would be for us to read reports & then discuss them at the next meeting. Mr. Anderson advises that we read Barbara Donohue’s report 1st as it is the historical report.
Bill Cundiff suggested that Mr. Johnson send us a letter asking the Cemetery Commission what it is they need to sign off on the study.
The Johnson’s leave the meeting.
Bill Cundiff advises the Commission that we share the letter with Town Council when we receive it and ask them how to proceed.
Debby suggests that we hold off on inviting the Anderson’s back to the January meeting until we have a chance to read and discuss the reports. It is also decided that we do not respond until we receive a COMPLETED archeological study. One that includes the State’s input.
As of this date, no money has been received from the McCleod’s. Shirley said that she will speak with Gerry Jackman regarding what the proper procedure is regarding payment to the Town.
Reviewed minutes from November meeting. Minutes were so moved.
Changes made to the pamphlet were reviewed and more were made. To be reviewed at the next meeting.
It was decided that further discussion on the website would be held off until the next meeting.
NEXT MEETING: January 10, 2012
Debby makes motion to adjourn at 12.57, Gail seconds. Motion is so moved.
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