6/7/11 Minutes

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6/7/11 Minutes

Postby Jean Dwinnell » Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:05 pm

Cemetery Commission
6/7/11 Meeting Minutes

Recording Assistant: Matthew Ofcarcik
Present: Shirley Cooney and Debby Heinz; Absent: Gail Swenson
Meeting called to order: 6:57 pm

*It was decided that the reading of the minutes of 6/7/2011 as well as old business would be skipped over until the next meeting when Gail Swenson would be present.
*The commission received two letters from: Linda Jennings and Robert Marseglia regarding the grub condition up at the Douglas Center Cemetery.
Shirley read both letters aloud. As stated at the previous meeting she had contacted Full Circle Lawn Care to come to the cemetery and assess the situation.
Shirley received a quote from Tom’s Lawns of $1530.00 to apply Instant Kill Grub Control. Debby made a motion to accept the estimate and give the go ahead to start the job. As per Shirley Cooney, the motion was so moved. She will contact the company.
*Received written quote from Wiersma Plumbing and Heating
*Received invoice #1996 from A & B Mowing and Plowing Services form Mowing lawn at Douglas Center Cemetery, Cemetery Street and South Street.

The next meeting is scheduled for 6/15/11. Debby to notify Christine Furno

Debby makes motion to adjourn @ 7:12 pm. Shirley seconds. Meeting adjourned
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