9/20/11 Minutes

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9/20/11 Minutes

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9/20/11 MINUTES
Location: Community Mtg. Room Cable Recording Assistant: Matthew Ofcarcik
Present: Shirley Cooney, Gail Swenson and Debby Heinz
Debby H. makes motion to accept minutes of 8/16/2011 as written. Gail S. 2nds. Motion is so moved. Debby announces to the board that she has continued to send minutes and agendas to the Town Clerk as was previously done.
Kayla Gravesite: It is agreed by the Commission that a letter is to be sent to Cindy Palker-Martin to have the bush removed using Veterans Day as a deadline. Letter is to be sent Certified Mail, return receipt. A cc will be sent to the Board of Selectman and the Town Administrator.
Grub Control: Shirley is waiting to hear from Tom’ Lawns with a quote for yearly grub control treatment. A&B Lawn Service & Plowing has submitted two quotes depending on the method that we prefer to use.
Aloft=needs to be applied once / Price for all three cemeteries: $2,518.00
Merit=needs to be applied twice a year / Price for all three cemeteries: $2,670.00
Aloft is just an insecticide whereas Merit is an insecticide & fertilizer all in one.
*Debby makes suggestion that they also get a third quote from Full Circle
*Debby makes suggestion that we have Highway seed & fertilize at least the Douglas Center Cemetery.
Status of National Grid: As of this date there is no feedback on whether they have applied for a pole transfer permit. Debby will speak with Bill Cundiff regarding this matter. Debby to also send an email to Kim Schneider of National Grid.
Other: Plumber to be notified by Gail re. the backflow valves as to when they should come off & how. Gail will ask if frost will hurt valves. Gail will also call Water & Sewer to find out when they shut the water off.
Betsy Youngsma: Betsy did not make meeting, but let Debby know that things were at a standstill for quite a while due to the horrible winter we have had. Debby will contact Betsy to see if she needs or wants help with this task.
Caretaker Position: The creation of such position is discussed. Job responsibilities, hours and pay scale to name a few. Debby put together a written description as a starting place.
Website: Debby to send an email to Pat Aldrich inviting him to our next meeting to discuss.
Signs: Debby to contact John Furno re. signs. Shirley prefers cast iron. Debby explains that she is referring to informational signs to be strategically placed throughout the cemeteries.
Other: 1 mowing bill for August 23 & 26. All commissioners signed voucher at meeting.
Next meeting: November 1, 2011 @ 10:00 AM
Debby makes motion to adjourn; Gail S. 2nds. Motion is so moved
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