11/1/11 Minutes

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11/1/11 Minutes

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Cemetery Commission
11/1/11 Meeting Minutes
Location: Community Meeting Room Cable Recording Assistant: No-one

Present: Shirley Cooney; Gail Swenson & Debby Heinz
Meeting called to order at: 10:22 am
Minutes from 9/20/11 meeting were looked over by commission. Error of next meeting date was found and change was made to reflect correction. Debby makes motion to accept minutes as amended. Gail seconds. Motion is so moved. Debby will send a copy of the amended minutes to the Town Clerk.
*Gail informs commission that plots 521,522,577,578,579 & 580 should not be sold until the register is checked.
*Debby makes suggestion that deeds are now duplicated and a copy is kept on file with the commission. That this will provide easier access and the ledger does not have to constantly be disturbed.
*Gail informs commission that plots 529 & 530 were sold to Ellen McGrath. Plots were paid for with ck #9732 in the amount of $1,000.00. Debby will send an email to John Furno in Highway to let him know. Also, there is currently a hold on plots 475 & 476 for the McCloud family due to an impending death. Gail will check the ledger to definitely confirm plot numbers. A suggestion is made to notify John Furno each time a plot is sold.
Grub Control: We do need to get more quotes. Shirley to make calls.
Backflow Valves: Gail called Water & Sewer. They informed her that the water was shut off and that the valves were removed. They will hold onto them and put them back on in spring. This is handled by: Dave DeJong-Water Operator
National Grid: Debby read the information from the BOS Agenda. Selectman Mike Hughes read the request. Selectman Mitch Cohen made a motion to accept request by National Grid for a pole removal permit. Motion was seconded by Selectman LaPorte. Shirley mentions that she is very surprised that no one objected to the pole being put on the common as that is an historic place a well.
Ltr to Police Department: The Cemetery Commission would request that the Police Department handle & notify the commission re. any illegal parking or vandalism to any cemeteries in Douglas. CC of this letter to go to: Town Administrator, Douglas Historical Commission, Board of Selectman & Massachusetts Historic Commission
Pamphlet: Needs to be very concise yet conservative. Shirley said that she would like a tombstone on the cover.
Budget: Tabled until next meeting.
Signed voucher for Water Bill - $25.00. Gail wrote up a deed for the plots sold to Ellen McGrath.
Next Meeting: 12/6/11
Debby makes motion to adjourn meeting. Gail seconds. Motion is so moved.
Meeting is adjourned at 11:51 am
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