October 17, 2012 Building & Facilities Construction Comm.

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October 17, 2012 Building & Facilities Construction Comm.

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OCTOBER 17, 2012

A meeting of the Building Facilities Construction Committee (BFCC) was held on October 17, 2012 at the Municipal Center. Mr. Holland called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

PRESENT: Sean Holland (Chairman), Shirley Mosczynski (Vice Chairman), Linda Brown, Ed Gouin, Virginia Howe, Matt Sargent, William Cundiff (Town Engineer)

Ms. Mosczynski stated that the repairs from the water damage to the middle school should be completed by October 31, 2012. The proposed Revised Budget Funding Agreement is being reviewed by MSBA. The Technology Budget is still being reviewed and needs to be done by the end of the month.
Mr. Cundiff stated that the Revised MSBA Project Funding Agreement should not affect the Technology Budget. The outer skin is nearly complete and the building will be sealed up within the next few weeks.
Ms. Mosczynski added that the well has been fractured and is now producing 39 gal/min. The four wells together produce 36,000 gal/day. Next they will be working on the piping and the tanks.

Mr. Cundiff has drafted a memo to the Board of Selectmen. He will incorporate comments from the committee into the memo and forward it to the Board of Selectmen and the Strategic Budget Committee. Mr. Cundiff will incorporate a price once he has a better estimate from Neal Dixon. Mr. Holland feels the second paragraph understates the amount of money and work the BFCC has expended. Ms. Howe is not sure that is the reason for this memo. The real question is: does this project make sense. A discussion was held. Mr. Cundiff will revise and run a revision past the committee.

Mr. Cundiff presented a 25% complete set of plans. The Highway Department and the Conservation Committee are reviewing the plans and providing feedback. The preliminary estimate is $150,000, assuming all work is done in house. The project will be funded largely through Chapter 90.
There is some encroachment of the structure onto abutting property. The town will need to acquire some temporary easements from the abutting property owners.

Mr. Cundiff provided a copy of an email from the Highway Superintendent asking the committee to assist him with the solicitation of some quotes for engineering. Some of the stonework on the abutments has failed. Mr. Cundiff would like to develop a scope of work and solicit pricing from three consultants. It was the Committee’s consensus to give Mr. Cundiff the authorization to move ahead.

Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to accept the September 19, 2012 Building Facilities Construction Committee meeting minutes as amended. Mr. Gouin seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

Mr. Cundiff presented a preliminary schedule listing the third Wednesday of each month as a BFCC meeting through next year.
Ms. Brown made a motion to approve the 2013 Building Facilities Construction Committee meeting schedule as presented. Ms. Mosczynski seconded. Vote: Unanimous.

Mr. Cundiff is scheduling a meeting with DG Solar to look at the municipal buildings. He will get feedback and report back to the committee. DG Solar is installing the solar farm across the street from the fire station.
Mr. Cundiff stated that he is working with CDM on the feasibility of doing something regarding the landfill. He needs to send them a copy of the closure certification report.
Mr. Cundiff stated that nothing is being done on the Library ADA Renovation project easements at the moment due to finances.
Green Communities Act: Mr. Cundiff has not touched based with Kelly Brown in the last two months.

Mr. Gouin made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:35 PM. Mr. Sargent seconded the motion. Vote unanimous.

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