10/2/12 Meeting Minutes

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10/2/12 Meeting Minutes

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Cemetery Commission Meeting

* George & Aina Heywood (82 Depot St) come to meeting to buy a cemetery plot. They are advised to get in touch with JohFn urno. They were given John Furno’s cell number. Also gave Location: Community Meeting Room CRA: Pat Aldrich
Meeting Called to Order: 10:15 am Guests: George & Aina Heywood
*Presentation of Board: All members are present
*Minutes: Debby H. motions that minutes of 8/20/12 meeting be accepted as written. Ginger P. 2nds. Motion is so moved.
them the choice of the cemetery on West Street informing them that again John Furno would be the person to contact.
National Grid/Town Administrator: As per Mike Guzinski, neither Chief Foley nor Lt. Miglionico spoke with anyone from National Grid. It is decided that we contact Bill Cundiff and ask him to draft a letter & please attend our next meeting with it. Shirley C. feels that we should also include a copy of the sent 10/10.
It is suggested that Town Council be invited to our next meeting.
Other: Bryan Burnett will mail us proposals for lawn maintenance.
Debby suggests that the Cemetery Commission question the procedure regarding the “other” fund for addional monies needed. Shirley agrees. As per the most recent Account Record $300.00 was transferred to the General Fund. Cemetery Commission questions who and why the decision was made. Cemetery Commission also questions where the remaining $700.00 goes? What account did it go into? What is the balance of that account and how do we access that money?
Cindy Palker-Martin: Cemetery Commission received letter from Ms. Palker-Martin regarding alleged vandalism to the grave of her daughter Kayla. Debby reads the letter aloud and then passes it around for the other members to read. She is asking for compensation for the vandalism. It is decided by the commission that she will not receive any compensation. A draft letter will be put together to Ms. Martin & will be discussed at our next meeting. Debby will send acknowledgement of receipt of letter.
Project Clean Up: Debby submits a proposal to the commission in which they would reach out to the High School. Debby’s plan is to contact the Superintendent, Nancy Lane and explain that she would like to recruit the Juniors/Seniors of the Honor Society, to help clean up the three cemeteries. The time spent cleaning up the cemeteries could be used as their required community service. She then went on to explain how the students will either be broken up into 3 groups or 3 dates and they will do all the raking, garbage clean-up & removal of any dead flowers. This would be done in preparation for the mowing season. She also feels that if this works out, it can be done on a regular basis. It is also decided by the board that perhaps we should start putting notices in the paper at certain times regarding clean-up and Debby will look into online sites. Town council to be contacted about being able to make changes to the rules in the current cemetery deeds.
Leaky Valve: Ginger will contact W&S regarding leaky valve off of Southeast Main entrance & to confirm removal of backflow valves.
Sale of Personal Cemetery Plots: Debby received a call from someone who wanted to sell the remaining plots that she owned but could not find her deed. Debby explained to her that without the deed she could not sell them. If she wants another copy, she must write a letter to the commission requesting a copy. Debby asks if we can have these copies be certified copies and charge a fee for them. It would generate income for the commission as well as help people to keep better track of them.
Water Bill: Debby had the name changed from John Manning to Shirley Cooney. The amount owed has doubled because we are being charged a small usage fee: 800 cubic feet. Gives bill to Ginger.
A&B Lawn & Plow: The commission receives memo showing us to have a $2,850.00 balance. Ginger will check with Jeanne after meeting to see if we are up to date on our payments.

Adjournment: Ginger P. motions to adjourn; Debby H. 2nds. Motion is so moved
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