6/11/12 Meeting Minutes

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6/11/12 Meeting Minutes

Postby Debby Heinz » Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:33 pm

Cemetery Commission
Location: Community Meeting Room Cable Recording Assistant: N/A
Present: Shirley Cooney, Debby Heinz, Ginger Petraglia
Called to order: 10:20 am
Minutes: Minutes are accepted as written. So Moved
National Grid: Debby spoke to Bill Cundiff. Charter has moved their wires. Bill has contacted Verizon as well as National Grid.
Website: Debby suggests that we add some kind of date regarding the removal of flowers. It is pointed out that Ginger has some sort of reference covering that issue when revamping the brochure. Ginger presents the new brochure to the Commission. She has made some very significant improvements. It has also been noted that NO eternal lights are allowed in the cemetery. She is asked to remove the very last line on third page. After line is removed, Debby will call Ullman Printing for a price to have them printed.
South Street Cemetery: Shirley was approached by the mower regarding the condition of South St. Cemetery. Several stones have fallen over. This could be because of the condition of the soil. He suggests that we sweeten the soil by using a good quality lime. He gave Shirley a price quote of $350.00 to lime the cemetery. Ginger questions why the use of lime. Shirley feels that the only other choice we have is to contact a Turf Specialist. The Commission will look for one. The condition of disrepair that the gates are in has been discussed previously and Shirley finally contacted a sandblaster that she had used in the past and asked him if he would assess the situation in whatever needed to be done. The commission agreed on this step. Shirley will contact him and have him start immediately. Shirley also had contacted Mr. DeGaetano and he gave a quote of $1200.00 tops to repair stones. The commission agreed to have Shirley contact Mr. DeGaetano and give him the go ahead to start the job.
Shirley also suggests that we do a walk-through of the cemetery with the mower and at that time talk to him about perhaps setting up some sort of system where he reports to us regarding the condition of the cemetery reminding us when certain should or need to be done or addressed. It is agreed by the commissioners.
In discussing the condition of the soil at the above cemetery, it is also mentioned the concern in front of the crypt at the Douglas Center Cemetery and that we also need to find a licensed herbicides person to handle our problem of grapevines that grow over the rosebushes.
Other: Don Anderson, a former Cemetery Commissioner has passed away. Shirley feels it would be a good gesture to send a sympathy card from the current commissioners to his widow.
Betsy Youngsma had dropped off binders to the Town Clerk, of indexing that was done at the Douglas Center Cemetery. Ginger will send her a letter asking her if this is all of it, is there still more to do and if so does she need help.
Next Meeting: June 26, 2012
Motion made to adjourn and seconded. So move
Meeting Adjourned: 11:45 am
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