BOS - April 17, 2012

BOS - April 17, 2012

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Board of Selectmen
April 17, 2012

7:00 pm
• Call to Order
• Chairman’s Announcements
• Citizen’s Forum

7:05 pm
1. Layout Hearing: Crescent Lane

2. Meeting with DCR Officials – Wallum Lake State Park

3. Tri State Trek – Approve Road Use

4. Approve & Sign Election Warrant

5. Establish Strategic Budget Committee – Volunteers to Serve

6. Minutes: April 3, 2012

7. Administrators Report

8. Old / New Business

9. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items

May 1st: Meeting with Town Moderator & Town Clerk regarding Annual & Special Town Meeting; Town Meeting Layout – Briarwood Circle; Government Study Discussion; Assign Town Meeting Motions; Joint Meeting with Finance Committee & School Committee regarding FY13 Budget; Ambulance Billing

TBD: Tax Title Agreement Policy; Update Master Plan; Housing Plan/Housing
Authority; Meeting w/Webster

April 17, 2012
Approved May 14, 2012

• Call to Order
Mr. Bonin called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM in the Resource Room of the Municipal Center.

Board: Tim Bonin (Chairman), Mitch Cohen, Hal Davis, Mike Hughes (Vice Chairman-absent), Jeffrey LaPorte, Michael Guzinski (Town Administrator), Suzanne Kane (Administrative Assistant-absent).
Other Staff and Citizens: William Cundiff (Town Engineer), Fire Chief Kent Vinson, Ross Smith (Nature View Estates), Susan Spencer (Worcester Telegram & Gazette), Adam Silva (Blackstone Valley Tribune),

• Chairman’s Announcements (00:11)
There were no announcements

• Citizen’s Forum (00:15)
No citizens came forward.

1. 7:05 PM Layout Hearing-Crescent Lane (4:02)
In the packet is a notice of Public Meeting, a Layout & Acceptance checklist, a list of abutters and related materials.
Mr. Bonin opened the public meeting.
Mr. Cundiff and Mr. Ross Smith joined the meeting. Mr. Cundiff stated that the Planning Board is working with the developer to get the subdivision project accepted by the Town as a public way. The Planning Board supports this project going forward.
The only significant outstanding item left to do is a topcoat of paving, which is scheduled for this Thursday. The Conservation Commission is meeting tonight to work on a Certificate of Issuance of Compliance. There have been no issues working with Mr. Smith. The only issue has been a drainage issue and there is a plan to address that. The berm will be built up at the cul-de-sac beyond what is called for in the plans, and the surrounding area will be re-graded to divert the drainage into the catch basins properly.
Mr. Smith stated that he and Mr. Cundiff will do the final walk through after the asphalt is completed. Mr. Cundiff said he and Mr. Zisk will be out there several times before Town Meeting. Mr. Cundiff said Town Counsel has confirmed that they have all the proper legal documents in place for this stage of the project. There is a cash bond for just under $100,000 for the construction process. Only three or four lots are vacant.
Ms. June Ackley, 48 Crescent Lane asked if there is still a problem with drainage running down their driveway after the road is paved, who would be responsible to make sure it is fixed properly? Mr. Cundiff’s department will have a number of months to monitor the drainage situation before the Order of Taking. If there are still drainage issues, Mr. Cundiff recommended Ms. Ackley bring those issues before the Planning Board so that they can make a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen.
Mr. Davis made a motion to close the Public Layout Hearing-Crescent Lane. Mr. Cohen seconded the motion. Vote-Unanimous.
Mr. Cohen made a motion to approve the layout plan of Crescent Lane in Douglas, MA. Mr. Davis seconded the motion. Vote-Unanimous.
Mr. Guzinski announced that he had a Mylar for the Board of Selectmen to sign before the end of the meeting.

2. Meeting with DCR Officials-Wallum Lake State Park (35:49)
In the agenda is a memo from Mike Guzinski dated April 13, 2012.
No one from DCR was present. Mr. Guzinski stated that he did speak with Pricilla Geigis from DCR last week and she said that she was unable to make today’s meeting due to a prior commitment, however she did say that Mr. Guzinski would receive the updated policies by the end of this week. Ms. Geigis said that if the Board of Selectmen had any questions or concerns after they had reviewed the policies, she would be happy to come meet with them. Mr. Guzinski did notify Senator Moore and Representatives Fattman and Kuros in regards to this. They plan on coming at a later time when DCR is here. Mr. Guzinski will make sure copies of the policies are forwarded to the Selectmen.
Mr. Davis suggested DCR be invited to the next meeting. Mr. Bonin agreed. There is tremendous support from the townspeople to move this forward. There is a DCR Stewardship Council which is appointed by the governor. Mr. Bonin asked Mr. Guzinski to send a letter to Sen. Moore and Reps. Fattman and Kuros to find out more about this council and what is needed to get representation on that council.

3. Tri-State Trek – Approve road use (00:22)
In the agenda is letter from Emily Wadsworth of the ALS Development Therapy Institute dated March 14, 2012 and related materials.
The ALS Development Therapy Institute has a race scheduled from July 20-22nd, 2012 where 300 cyclists will travel through Douglas on their way from Boston to New York City in the 9th Annual Tri-State Trek. Their route will keep them on Rte. 16 throughout. There have never been any problems in the past. Mr. Guzinski recommends that the Board of Selectmen approve the use of the Town roads for this event. Mr. Cohen made a motion to approve the use of the Town roads for this event on Friday, July 20, 2012 from 8:00-10:30 AM. Mr. LaPorte seconded the motion. Vote-Unanimous.

4. Approve and Sign Election Warrant (1:45)
In the agenda is the Warrant for the Annual Town Election.
The Annual Town Election will be held in the Municipal Center Gymnasium, 29 Depot Street, on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 from 8 AM–8 PM to cast votes in the Annual Town Election for the following offices: 1 Moderator –3 years, 1 Town Clerk-3years, 2 Selectmen-3 years, 1 Assessor-3 years, 2 School Committee members-3 years, 1 Agent Moses Wallis Devise-1 year, 1 Trustee Public Library-1 year to fill a vacancy, 1 Trustee Public Library–3 years, 1 Cemetery Commissioner-3 years, 1 Water/Sewer Commissioner-3 years, 1 Recreation Commissioner-3 years and 2 Planning Board members – 5 years. Mr. Cohen made a motion to approve the warrant as presented for the Town Election. Mr. Davis seconded the motion. Vote-Unanimous.

5. Establish Strategic Budget Committee-Volunteers to Serve (43:12)
In the agenda is a memo from Mike Guzinski dated April 13, 2012.
Mr. Guzinski, the School Superintendent, Business Manager and the Finance Director are recommending that the Board of Selectmen form a Strategic Budget Committee to examine the Town’s current budget situation and to help assist in planning a viable financial strategy for the community. He recommends that the committee be made up of members of the Board of Selectmen, Finance Committee, School Committee, and a citizen of the community at large, with Mr. Guzinski, the Finance Director, Superintendent of Schools and the Business Manager as ex officio members to help assist the committee.
Mr. Bonin and Mr. Cohen agree with the make-up and the purpose of the committee. Mr. Bonin and Mr. LaPorte volunteered to serve on this committee. Mr. Guzinski suggested waiting until next meeting to make the appointments until after the May 1, 2012 joint meeting with the other departments.
Mr. Davis made a motion to create the Strategic Budget Committee as outlined and proposed by the Town Administrator. Mr. LaPorte seconded the motion. Vote-Unanimous.
Mr. Bonin asked if the Board of Selectmen should identify someone to put forward. Mr. Cohen suggested Mr. Guzinski coordinate the appointing process. Mr. Guzinski will funnel the recommendations and submit a list of interested applicants to the Board of Selectmen.

6. Approval of the Minutes (3:11)
April 3, 2012: Mr. LaPorte made a motion to approve the minutes of the April 3, 2012 Board of Selectmen meeting as presented. Seconded by Mr. Davis. All - Aye.

7. Administrator’s Report
In the packet is a letter from Chief Vinson dated April 10, 2012 regarding his opinions on the Water Loop Article.
Chief Kent Vinson joined the meeting to address questions regarding the water main loop (24:56). The Chief feels a water line loop would best be able to protect the school building. The current water line system is old and has a lot of dead-end hydrants. If there is a problem with a line, you lose all pressure before and after the problem. If you are at the dead-end hydrant, there is no pressure. A looped water line grids it off so that it is circular. If pressure is lost at any point, you can shut a hydrant off and still have pressure to the other hydrants on that loop.
Also, the intermediate school will be retrofitted with a sprinkler system and the new elementary school will have a sprinkler system. If you do not have a loop to feed those systems, they are rendered useless because there would not be enough pressure to feed them.
Mr. Bonin is convinced that the water line is the thing to do. Mr. Cohen and the School Building Committee are supportive of the loop. Chief Vinson said that Bob Sullivan, Water/Sewer Systems Manager, was going to have a water engineer from FSP draft up a letter in support of the water loop.
Mr. Cohen suggested to the Board that room for discussion of this project be made at the May 7, 2012 Annual Town Meeting instead of being left to the end of June because the school project is moving along very quickly and they will start to dig the trenches for utilities soon. The Finance Committee plans to meet on May 7th and Mr. Guzinski will forward additional information to them and request that they make a recommendation on that article in order for it to move forward that evening.
Chief Vinson left the meeting.
(52:52) Mr. Guzinski made the Board of Selectmen aware that they are finalizing the Finance Committee’s flyer. They made recommendations the other night. They did defer most articles until the continued meeting in June. They did vote to recommend article 1 on the Special Town Meeting warrant and voted to recommend the recurring article on the Annual. He will contact them regarding the article on the water loop so they can vote on that.

8. Old/New Business
Old Business (53:53).
In the agenda is a Two-Week Look Ahead from CTA dated April 13, 2012.
Mr. Cohen gave an update on the School Building Project. Things are moving along very quickly. The majority of the site is leveled. Concrete has been poured. The project bids came in over $2 mil under budget, however due to the cost allocation process with MSBA it is not known exactly how much is available to them. The position of the School Building Committee is that they are going to build what they said they were going to build, but they are looking at suggestions as they come in. Mr. Bonin suggested that the School Building Committee would do well to show the Town that they are saving money.
Mr. Davis spoke regarding the advertisement of the old elementary school. The Economic Development Commission quoted $1000 for advertising four times in the New England Real Estate Journal. It will be interesting to see if they get any bites. They will know in about six weeks. The Town of Weston is doing the same thing.
New Business (14:25). Mr. Bonin asked Mr. Cundiff where he and the Building Facilities Construction Committee (BFCC) stood with the $90,000 approved to pay for a feasibility study and schematic design for the Public Safety Complex. Mr. Cundiff replied that they are looking at three options: 1. The 5 acres of land where the Fire and Highway Depts. are currently to see if they would support all three uses (Fire, Highway and Police), 2. Existing buildings, and 3. Vacant Town-owned land. They put out a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for designer services. Tomorrow at 10:00 AM at the Fire Station there will be a pre-bid meeting. Fifty sets of RFQ documents have been signed out. The bids are due in early May.
Mr. Bonin asked if the BFCC could open the RFQ to include existing infrastructure, such as giving up a large portion of the second floor of the Municipal Center. Mr. Cundiff replied that this option falls under option 2 (above) and that the BFCC is looking at. It is a live scope item and subject to change. The BFCC has already solicited input from all three departments, which is already in the RFQ. Mr. Bonin asked Mr. Cundiff to remind the BFCC that Classic Envelope has room to store Highway Dept. machinery. That was one of the items included when they did the TIFF. Mr. Guzinski stated that the Highway Dept. is in the process of storing some of their equipment there.
Mr. Davis asked Mr. Cundiff where they stood with the work with Sutton on the road (21:04). Mr. Cundiff replied that he went to Boston and met with the Inter-Agency Permitting Board and they received an extension to the end of the fiscal year to complete the design and permitting on the industrial subdivision road that runs from Douglas to Sutton (“West Side Connector Road”). The Inter-Agency Permitting Board considers this project a model throughout the State and they want other towns to look to what Douglas has done. Mr. Cundiff is optimistic that they will move forward with additional grant funding for construction.

9. Adjournment (59:55)
Mr. LaPorte made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 PM. Mr. Cohen seconded the motion. All – Aye.

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