BOS - November 5, 2013

BOS - November 5, 2013

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Board of Selectmen
November 5, 2013

7:00 PM

• Call to Order
• Pledge of Allegiance
• Chairman’s Announcements
• Citizen’s Forum

7:05 PM
1. STM Review – Keith Menard, Town Moderator

7:10 PM
2. OPEB Trust – Bartholomew

7:30 PM
3. Tax Classification Hearing

4. Appointment – Joint with Assessors

5. Appointment – Historical Commission

6. Class II License – Investigation Summary

7. Assign Motions for Special Town Meeting Articles

8. Minutes – October 22, 2013, October 22, 2013 Exec Session

9. Administrators Report

10. Old/New Business

11. Adjournment
Future Agenda Items:

Nov. 19th:
Sign Documents for Debt; Regional Mutual Aid Agreement

TBD: Gvmt Study Discussion; Update Master Plan/Housing Authority
November 5, 2013
Approved November 19, 2013

Call to Order

Mr. Davis called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM in the Resource Room of the Municipal Center.

Board: Tim Bonin (Absent), Keith Brown, Hal Davis, Mike Hughes (Absent), Kevin Morse, Michael Guzinski (Town Administrator), Suzanne Kane (Administrative Assistant)
Other Staff and Citizens: Keith Menard (Town Moderator), Debra Heinz, and Janet Stoica (T&G)

• Pledge of Allegiance (00:13)

• Chairman’s Announcements (00:37)
There were no announcements.

• Citizen’s Forum (00:42)
No citizens came forward.

1. STM Review-Keith Menard, Town Moderator (02:30)
In the packet is the Special Town Meeting Warrant for November 18, 2013.
Mr. Menard joined the meeting. He reviewed the motions with the Board. Article 1: Mr. Guzinski explained that the Ambulance Wages have to do with the collection of the ambulance receipts and putting those funds back into the account. The School Dept. Wages have to do with unexpected Special Education costs. Mr. Guzinski explained how that item was able to be funded.
Article 4: Mr. Guzinski explained that this article regards the insurance reimbursement for the gym roof leak at the middle school building project. The check for approximately $195,000 was received last week for the undisputed portion of the claim.
Article 5: Mr. Guzinski explained that this project is complete and they did not need to borrow the full amount.
Article 6: Mr. Guzinski explained that this Article is to fund consultants and grant writers to assist the Town with economic development in the community.
Article 8: Mr. Guzinski explained that the zoning line cuts across boundary lines. The applicants are looking to create uniformity. The Planning Board and Board of Selectmen support this zoning change.
Article 9: Mr. Guzinski explained the process behind the Sign Bylaw amendments.
Article 10: Mr. Morse explained that this Article was put forth by Mr. Bonin to bring the townspeople’s awareness to verbiage in the Patriot Act which does away with a citizen’s right to a free trial by declaring the US to be a battlefield. Mr. Guzinski explained that this Article would send an expression of opinion by the Town to our state and federal representatives. Mr. Menard said that it is not the tradition of Douglas Town Meetings to debate such things. His issue is with defining the scope and practical effects of this article to the Town of Douglas. Mr. Davis agreed. A discussion was held.
It was the consensus of the Board to pass over this article to discuss at the meeting prior to special town meeting.
Mr. Menard left the meeting.

2. OPEB Trust-Bartholomew (24:46)
This item was passed over.

3. Tax Classification Hearing (24:46)
This item was passed over.

4. Application-Joint with Assessors (24:46)
This item was passed over.

5. Appointment-Historical Commission (00:50)
In the packet are an application for Debra Heinz and related materials.
Ms. Heinz joined the meeting to present her qualifications.
Mr. Morse made a motion to appoint Debra Heinz to the Historical Commission for a term ending June 30, 2014. Mr. Brown seconded the motion. All-Aye.

6. Class II License (25:17)
In the packet is an investigation summary for Rte. 16 Auto Sales and related materials.
Ms. Kane presented the application, her research and her summary. Atty. Rich Bowen has reviewed the summary and his question for the board is, does the investigation result warrant calling for a disciplinary hearing where they can decide if it is true. Mr. Morse felt that the results do call for a disciplinary hearing. Mr. Guzinski recommended having the hearing on December 3, 2013. The Board can decide the disposition of the license after that hearing.
Mr. Morse made a motion to hold a disciplinary hearing on December 3, 2013 on the matter of the license for Rte. 16 Auto Sales. Mr. Brown seconded the motion. Vote: All-Aye.

7. Assign Motions for Special Town Meeting Articles (29:20)
Article 1: Mr. Morse Article 6: Mr. Davis
Article 2: Mr. Morse Article 7: Mr. Brown
Article 3: Mr. Bonin Article 10: Mr. Bonin

8. Approval of the Minutes (31:17)
October 22, 2013: Mr. Brown made a motion to accept the minutes of the October 22, 2013 Board of Selectmen meeting as presented. Seconded by Mr. Morse. All–Aye.
October 22, 2013, Executive Session: Mr. Morse made a motion to approve and retain in their entirety the minutes of the October 22, 2013 Board of Selectmen Executive Session meeting as presented. Seconded by Mr. Brown. All–Aye.

9. Administrator’s Report (32:50)
Mr. Guzinski reported that they had a successful auction of land on October 29, 2013. Fifteen town-owned properties were auctioned off, and the Town received $213,200 in proceeds. He recommended using some of those funds for special one-time items for long-term benefits for the Town. He does anticipate another auction this time next year.
Mr. Guzinski stated that Mr. Bonin asked him to make the Board and the public aware that he will be holding an information session regarding Article 10 on November 11, 2013 at 7:00 PM at the Municipal Center.

10. Old/New Business (35:53)
Old Business
There was no old business to discuss.
New Business
There was no new business to discuss.

11. Adjournment (36:34)
Mr. Morse made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:36 PM. Mr. Brown seconded the motion. All – Aye.

Respectfully submitted,

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