July 18, 2013 School Building Committee

July 18, 2013 School Building Committee

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JULY 18, 2013

A meeting of the Douglas School Building Committee (SBC) was held on Thursday, July 18, 2013 at the Municipal Center. Mr. Cohen called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM. He noted that the meeting is being videotaped.

Voting: Mitch Cohen (Chairman), Leslie Breault, Paula Brouillette, Melissa Gouin
Non-Voting: William Cundiff (Town Engineer)
Project Staff: Tom Ellis, Craig DiCarlo
ABSENT: Cortney Keegan, Nancy Lane, Shirley Mosczynski, Scott Yacino, Michael Guzinski (Town Administrator)

Approval of School Building Committee Minutes
Ms. Breault made a motion to accept the June 20, 2013 School Building Committee Meeting minutes as amended with Heery edits. Ms. Gouin seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous, Ms. Brouillette abstained

Approval of Open Invoices
Review of Invoices on Warrant
Mr. Ellis indicated Heery recently received some invoices, which will be processed tomorrow. The largest items are technology purchases. The invoices presented to the SBC this evening meet with Mr. Cundiff’s approval.

Expense/Budget Update
Project Budget Summary
Mr. Ellis stated that at the last meeting, the Testing Services Budget for the elementary school was increased by $20,000. He has not officially adjusted the approved budget because there has not been an additional Budget Revision Request (BRR). Once the changes orders have been reviewed by MSBA, he will issue a BRR for both schools. Mr. Cundiff asked if that process could be moved up as there was less than $4,000 in that budget, and there was more window testing coming up for the elementary school. Mr. Ellis said it could be bumped up by another $2,000 - $5,000. Within the next month, it would be reconciled as to which tests CTA would be paying for.
Ms. Gouin made a motion to transfer $10,000 from Owner’s Contingency to Testing Services for the elementary school. Ms. Breault seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

Schedule Update
Total Program Schedule/Construction Schedule Update
Mr. Ellis distributed copies of the updated CTA Full Project Schedule as of July 5, 2013. He just received the review comments back from the scheduler today, and they will be issuing a review summary which reflects the revised date for the completion of Phase 3. The contractor is focusing on finishing the elementary school work and starting the middle school work. The schedule is still very tight. Crew sizes have been increased and they are hoping to finish all the hallways over the next week. All that would be left would be the administration areas and the cafetorium.

MSBA Issues
Mr. Ellis will be meeting with Paul Flynn on August 1st during the next MSBA site visit.

OPM Issues
There were no issues to discuss.

Design Issues
Playing Field Storage Building-Program Scope & Budget Discussion
Mr. DiCarlo presented the anticipated costs he received back from the contractors and vendors. CTA quoted the foundation work at $40,000. He received a rough quote from the shed company for a minimum of $16,000. Other estimates received were for overhead doors procurement and installation for $7,500 and miscellaneous carpentry for $5,000, for a total price range of $65,000 – $70,000. The next step would be to get approval from the SBC to design them. Mr. DiCarlo reviewed the process used to determine the size of the sheds. A discussion was held.
It was the consensus of the committee to have Mr. DiCarlo take another look at expanding the size of the sheds, since the 400 sq. ft. limit no longer existed. It was felt that the Athletic Director needed to look at the plans.
The equipment that would be stored in the sheds will arrive between July 29 – August 12, 2013. It will be temporarily stored in the gym. Mr. DiCarlo will put together another proposal with a more in-depth design process. Having both sheds the same size was discussed. It was decided to compare modular construction garage units to modular shed units. Mr. DiCarlo expected to have the final design ready for the August meeting. It was the consensus of the committee to authorize Mr. DiCarlo to design and CTA to price the revised scope for the shed project.
Proposed Middle School Parking Lot Drainage/Paving Work
CTA quoted the work at $177,249.78. This cost would go under the middle school budget. Mr. Cundiff reviewed the quote with Heery and identified a number of redundancies. Mr. Cundiff felt it might be more cost effective to sweep, put down tack coat and do an overlay of pavement instead of doing a full-depth pavement. Mr. Cundiff has broached the subject with the Highway Dept. A discussion was held.
Ms. Brouillette would like to keep track of items such as this. Mr. Ellis stated that Mr. Calcagno maintains a Construction Change Contingency Log. Mr. Ellis will add “Pending PCO’s” to that log. Mr. Cohen suggested adding two rows: Construction Change Directives (CCDs) and Potential Change orders (PCOs).
Ms. Brouillette asked about the status of the unbudgeted $60,000 for playground equipment in the elementary school budget. Mr. Ellis stated that it would come out of the Construction Change Contingency. They will need to increase the FF&E budget by that amount.

Construction Issues
Ceramic Floor Tile Installation Update
Mr. DiCarlo stated that the ceramic floor is largely complete on the first floor.
Resilient Flooring Installation Update
Mr. DiCarlo stated that the contractor has done all of the classrooms on the third floor and has started on the second floor.
Exterior Metal Panel Fabrication/Installation Update
The contractor told Mr. DiCarlo that they would continue to receive shipments through the middle of August. The panels are installed as they are received.
Window & Exterior Envelope System Testing Update
Mr. Ellis stated that two tests were done last week and there are two more scheduled for the week of the 29th. There was one issue with the perimeter seal of one window.

Construction Modifications/Pending Change Orders
Change Orders #13 & #14 Review/Approval
Mr. Cohen stated that approximately half of Change Order #13 is PCO #42 for an unbid scope of work relating to piping.
Ms. Gouin made a motion to approve Change Order #13 for the elementary school in the amount of $67,478. Ms. Breault seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.
Ms. Breault made a motion to approve Change Order #14 for the middle school in the amount of $8,154. Ms. Brouillette seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

FF&E Procurement
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) Procurement Update
Mr. Ellis stated that many of the teachers’ desks and filing cabinets have arrived and are being staged in the gym. The rest of the furniture will start coming in on the 29th.

Technology Procurement
Technology Budget/Procurement Update
Mr. Cohen stated that this week they are working on installation of the server and central data closet items. That installation will continue for another week and a half.
Fiber Line Procurement/Installation Update
Mr. Cohen stated that they are waiting for National Grid to identify and make changes on some of the poles. Ms. Sousa will need to use her backup plan for the beginning of the school year.

Move Management Services Procurement
Procurement Update/Schedule
Mr. Ellis stated that as of tomorrow, the middle school would be officially vacated. The movers will move the contents of the gym into the rooms when the rooms are ready. It was the consensus of the committee to authorize DiNisco to inform the contractor that they officially have the building as of 7:00 AM on Monday.

Other Business
Middle School Gym Roof Leak Repairs and Insurance Claim Update
Mr. Ellis spoke with Paul from Travelers this week. Mr. Ellis is waiting for information from CTA on prevailing wage for the gym flooring contractor. Once that information is received, things should wrap up. Mr. Ellis left a message for Dave Labonte, the MAIA representative, to confirm the coverage for the Builders Risk for the middle school.
The School Dept. identified the PA system that was replaced as not needing to be salvaged and turned over to Travelers, as it was replaced as part of the insurance claim. It is being salvaged for use in the primary school.
General Discussion on Town plans for second bond borrowing scheduled for this fall.
Mr. Cohen stated that they met with Jeanne Lovett, Finance Director, last week and during August, she and Mr. Ellis will work on the details as to where they are financially and start to plan the second borrowing.
Ms. Brouillette was concerned about the cost of the sheds versus the cost of unknown risks as they begin the middle school renovations. Mr. Ellis stated, that in early September, they need to discuss the best use of contingency relative to the Town deciding how much they are going to borrow. Mr. Ellis stated that there is $1.2 million in Construction Contingency with $350,000 having been issued out in change orders.
Mr. Ellis stated that they need to sit down with Ms. Lovett and determine what has been reimbursed by MSBA, how much of the change orders will be reimbursed, how much for insurance, etc. They may have a first pass available for the August meeting.

Open Session for topics not reasonably anticipated 48 hours in advance of meeting.
Ms. Brouillette asked for clarification regarding the $418,000 line for alternates on the Elementary School Budget. Mr. Cohen replied that those alternates are the track and the water line. Mr. Cohen reminded the committee that the water line loop extension was divided into two parts. The work from the site perimeter into the primary school has been completed and is fully operational.

Schedule of Upcoming SBC Meetings and Project Events
Next Scheduled SBC Meeting – August 15, 2013.
Next Scheduled MSBA Visit – August 1, 2013

Ms. Breault made a motion to adjourn the School Building Committee meeting at 8:28 PM. Ms. Brouillette seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

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