September 19, 2013 School Building Committee

September 19, 2013 School Building Committee

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SEPTEMBER 19, 2013

A meeting of the Douglas School Building Committee (SBC) was held on Thursday, September 19, 2013 at the Municipal Center. Mr. Cohen called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM. He noted that the meeting is being videotaped.

Voting: Mitch Cohen (Chairman), Leslie Breault, Paula Brouillette, Melissa Gouin, Nancy Lane, Shirley Mosczynski
Non-Voting: Cortney Keegan, William Cundiff (Town Engineer), Michael Guzinski (Town Administrator)
Project Staff: Tom Ellis, Leno Filippi, Craig DiCarlo
ABSENT: Scott Yacino

Approval of School Building Committee Minutes
Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to approve the August 15, 2013 School Building Committee Meeting minutes as amended. Ms. Lane seconded the motion. Vote-Unanimous.

Approval of Open Invoices
Review of Invoices on Warrant
Mr. Cohen presented two vouchers. Mr. Cundiff stated that the vouchers met with his approval. Mr. Ellis expects the CTA requisition no later than early next week.

Expense/Budget Update
Project Budget Summary
Mr. Ellis stated that they are tracking on target and working to better focus on their project contingencies in terms of targeting well below the maximum town contribution number for both projects. He has started a more detailed cash flow program on that, and he will have a spreadsheet early next week. Mr. Cohen spoke about the meetings he has had with Jeanne Lovett, Finance Director, and others to plan for an eventual second borrowing. Mr. Guzinski stated that they are looking at January, 2014 for the borrowing. Mr. Cohen stated that they should have a good number on the elementary school by the end of October. A discussion was held.
Mr. Cohen stated that, regarding cash flow, they have been asked to think about deferring additional requests for expenses until January 2014 or later to limit the need for short term borrowing.
Ms. Brouillette commented that they have not seen many invoices on technology at the elementary school. Mr. Ellis replied that there are a number of those invoices that are just coming through. A discussion was held.

Schedule Update
Construction Schedule Update
Mr. Ellis stated that CTA’s updated August schedule has been distributed, reviewed and will be revised by CTA on Monday. The current schedule appears to have significant logic changes. The steel work is lagging behind the updated schedule. CTA’s Superintendent indicated that he feels confident that the steel in the middle school lobby area will be done in the next week and a half.
CTA will start installing playground equipment early next week.
Elementary School Exterior Panel Installation Update
Mr. Ellis spoke with Paul DuRoss today. The last delivery will occur next week. Mr. Ellis feels that the completion date of October 4, 2013 is still on target.
Mr. Ellis stated that the window testing in the elementary school is done and all windows have passed. Mr. Ellis stated that there was some work that did not get budgeted, and they will have to bump up the budget by approximately $2000 to get that last bill paid. He will hold that invoice until the middle school budget adjustment for window testing is done. A discussion was held.

MSBA Issues
Submission of ES BRR#02
Mr. Ellis stated that this BRR has been submitted to the MSBA and nothing is pending as of now.

OPM Issues
There were no issues to discuss.

Design Issues
Playing Field Storage Building-Follow-up on Revised Scope/Procurement Options
Mr. Filippi has not received a proposal from CTA for the pricing of the foundations. He has encouraged CTA to submit a proposal as soon as they can, as it is difficult to move forward with the purchase of sheds without this information. Mr. Filippi does not feel the size or shape of the foundations would change. It was the consensus of the SBC that, if the price received from CTA is within the budget limitations of the between-meeting approval process, to authorize the work to move forward within the parameters.
If the pricing for a full foundation is not reasonable, Mr. Cundiff would like the flexibility to consider a matt foundation, if appropriate. There was a consensus on support for the request by Mr. Cundiff. Mr. Filippi stated that the engineers had said that a matt foundation would be more expensive.
Proposed Middle School Parking Lot Drainage/Paving Revisions
Mr. Filippi has issued a Proposal Request to CTA to price the tack coat and overlay work scope.
IDF Closets-Equipment Heat Generation Review
Mr. Filippi stated that, at the request of Donna Sousa, they have been monitoring the temperature in the small closets where the technology is stored. These areas are air conditioned, but the ventilation is not keeping up with the equipment. They will monitor the situation and come up with some options.
DDP Request for Additional Services (pending discussion with DDP prior to meeting)
Mr. Cohen reviewed that they received a revised letter from DiNisco in September explaining that, in their interpretation of the contract, they may be owed some additional fee due to the substantial completion date of the elementary school being later than the original completion date. Town counsel issued a letter today with their opinion back to DiNisco stating that they did not see the situation the same way. DiNisco will review the letter and respond.

Construction Issues
Cistern/Irrigation Tank
Mr. Filippi stated that there is an issue regarding the condition of the irrigation tank located near the red shed. The consultant’s opinion is that it can be salvaged. The consultant will prepare a report and a proposal for his services. The amount is $3,245 (ES-S08). Mr. Cundiff cautioned that more problems could be discovered, and the project could move to a full-tank replacement. Mr. Cohen stated that they will review this issue between meetings.
Elementary School-Punch List Overview/Exterior Metal Panel Delivery & Installation Update
Mr. Ellis stated that DiNisco has issued all the interior punch list. There are some exterior items that are not complete, such as the exterior panels. Heery noted that retainage should be released as the punch list work gets done. Mr. Filippi stated that he just received a number to add the plantings along the foot of the track, however they have not had a chance to review the proposal.

Construction Modifications/Pending Change Orders
Confirmation of Prior Approved Change Orders #11 to #15/CO #16 & #17 for Review and Approval
Mr. Ellis stated that the SBC has formally approved Change Orders #10-15 and in the process of getting them executed by CTA, anomalies were found. There were a couple items that needed to be deleted from CO #11 because they had not been finalized with CTA. He asked DiNisco to issue revised COs #11-15. In the packet are copies of the revised Change Orders. Mr. Ellis reviewed the changes. The credit items that were removed from #11 and #12 are still being negotiated. They will come back. A discussion was held.
Ms. Gouin made a motion to approve amended Change Orders as follows: CO #11 $38,739, CO #12 $6,079, CO #13 $68,130, CO #14 $7,850 (unchanged), CO #15 $149,000 (unchanged). Ms. Mosczynski seconded the motion. Vote-Unanimous.
Review CCD/CO Process
Mr. Ellis stated that there was a request from a subcontractor to clean up some change order review items and they have done that. There will be another meeting next Thursday. Mr. DiCarlo has reviewed almost everything with Heery and CTA but the last two pages of CTA’s Proposed Change Order list, and they are reasonably current. They did change the CCD approval process, adding a place for Jeanne Lovett to initial and date which verifies that funds are available for the change in work scope.

FF&E Procurement
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) Procurement Update
The FF&E for the elementary school is complete. Ms. Lane stated that everything went very well.
Middle School Procurement Update
Mr. Ellis stated that everything has been allocated and ready, and they are just waiting to know when it needs to be released for shipment.

Technology Procurement
Elementary School Technology Installation/Punch List Update
Mr. Ellis stated that Ms. Sousa is working on the small glitches that exist. Griffin Electric committed to bringing someone out to reinstall some software related to the security camera system. They will try to get that person to do so tomorrow.
“Be Safe”
Ms. Keegan had previously asked for between-meeting approval on this item. Mr. Cohen explained that Ms. Lovett feels this is a gray area as to whether this is a School Operating Budget cost or a Building Project cost. If it is an Operating Budget cost, it would not be appropriate to use the town bond for it. Ms. Lane stated that they have “Be Safe” in all of their previous buildings. This is an initial set-up fee. The maintenance fee is in their Operating Budget. Ms. Keegan explained the process. A discussion was held.
It was the consensus of the SBC that this is an item for the School Building Project Budget. Mr. Ellis asked that signage/graphics components be consistent with the design of the new building.
Fiber Line Procurement/Installation Update
Mr. Cohen stated that National Grid is formally doing their survey of the poles.

Move Management Services Procurement
Elementary School Move-Complete.

Other Business
Middle School Gym Roof Leak Repairs and Insurance Claim Update
Mr. Cohen stated that they have yet to receive a response from Travelers. They have been assigned a new adjuster. Mr. Ellis stressed the timeframe to the new adjuster. The Town Meeting will be held on November 18, 2013, and the warrant will close October 1st, however Mr. Guzinski stated that an article can be placed on the warrant.

Open Session for topics not reasonably anticipated 48 hours in advance of meeting.
There were no topics for Open Session.

Schedule of Upcoming SBC Meetings and Project Events
Elementary School Ribbon Cutting Ceremony-Saturday, September 21, 2013, 9:30 AM.
Next Scheduled SBC Meeting –October 10, 2013.
Next Scheduled MSBA Visit –October 17, 2013

Ms. Mosczynski made a motion to adjourn the School Building Committee meeting at 8:41 PM. Ms. Breault seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

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