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Cemetery Commission
Meeting Minutes
Community Meeting Room CRA: Arthur Griffin

Present: Shirley Cooney, Commissioner/Chairperson
Debby Heinz, Commissioner/Secretary
Absent: Ginger Petraglia, Commissioner/Treasurer

Guests: Tony St. Pierre, troop leader representing Eagle Scout Josh Galego, Ronnie Vaillancourt, Barbara Vaillancourt & Dorothy Vaillancourt

Called To Order: 7:06 pm
Quorum is present
White Court Cemetery: Tony St. Pierre reports that a majority of burials are members of the White Family. Josh has cleaned up the cemetery and constructed a fence around it. Mr. St. Pierre informed the Commission that the Eagle Scout part of the project has been completed but that Scout Troop 134 has picked up & will continue the clean-up. Debby makes suggestion that when cemetery is done in its entirety, we have a ceremony, inviting people to thank the scouts for all that they have done. Shirley agrees and thanks Mr. St. Pierre for all his hard work. Before he left, Mr. St. Pierre also presented us with before and after pictures.
Ronnie Vaillancourt: Member of family had purchased 12 plots many years prior. It seems that there are four plots left and Dorothy Vallaincourt wanted to gift two of them to Ronnie & his wife Barbara. The plots were initially in the name of Thomas. Debby looks through the ledger and finds the name nowhere. Shirley asks them if they have the correct cemetery. Dorothy states that it is indeed Evergreen Cemetery. Debby explains that Evergreen is not under the care of the Cemetery Commission, but she can put her in touch with someone who might be able to help her. She states that she has a name. Vaillancourts thank the Commission for their help and leave.
Re-Organization: Positions stay as they are. Shirley Cooney, Chairperson; Debby Heinz, Secretary and Ginger Petraglia, Treasurer
Minutes: Shirley & Debby review minutes of 5/20/14 meeting. Debby motions to accept minutes of meeting as written. Motion is so moved.

File Cabinet: TABLED
South Street Cemetery: TABLED

Pine Grove Cemetery: Shirley has spoken to Dewey of Full Circle. He is going to check out the trees before removing them. Shirley will contact him for a price regarding the poison ivy situation.
Other: Debby had invited Mitch Cohen to attend our meeting regarding Town Website and adding the Cemetery Commission to it. Item is tabled due to no appearance by Mitch.

Financial: Shirley & Debby sign vouchers for: A&B, June mowing’s & Atlas Welding, welding & repair of South Street Cemetery gates.

Next Meeting: 7/22/2014 @ 7:00 pm

Debby makes motion to adjourn @ 7:26 pm. It is so moved.
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