Minutes of Nov 6, 2009 Meeting

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Minutes of Nov 6, 2009 Meeting

Postby DawnF » Mon Nov 09, 2009 9:42 pm

David Kmetz
Betsy Youngsma
Dawn Fontaine
Sue Perkins
Clarence Burley, Worcester Meeting House

8:30AM meeting called to order

Betsy Youngsma has been officially made a new member of the Douglas Historic Commission.

Betsy has found a 1794 map of the town that shows the Meeting House, which would have been at the corner of Pine & Vine. Discussion continues from the Cemetery Commission as to the land that was sold in this location and the owners, who are willing to work with the town, yet would like to build there. Archaeologist went to the site last week and determined that there were additional headstones (and footstones) outside of the bordered Chase Family Cemetery in the center of the land. Betsy is working on getting an original copy of the 1794 map to present to the Building Dept and others who are involved in determining whether the land can be built on. Owner of land has received a letter from the state on requirements and ineligibility to build on cemeteries.

David sent letter to MHC 1 ½ weeks ago in order to determine work needed to be done on East Douglas Historic District. Awaiting response from MHC. David will follow up.

Sue Perkins sent letter on Oct 5 to Steve Roper with the Mass Highway Dept. She asked to confirm that impending repairs to the road would not affect the stone arch bridge on Mechanic Street. A response has not yet been returned.

On Oct 9, Rod Jane with the Wind Farm project sent a letter that they are progressing smoothly with their project and have contacted all organizations that have been required thus far, including the Nipmuc Tribal Nation.

Next projects will include Form E being put together for cemeteries to enter the Historic Register.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:45AM

Next Meeting:
The next meeting is scheduled for Friday December 4 at 8:30AM. Regular meetings will be Friday mornings at 8:30AM.
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